New gravel rig - need power meter suggestions

I am currently planning a dedicated gravel bike for next season and already digging into components. I have a few frames narrowed down and will do my diligence in testing those out but my head is spinning a bit on which power meter to get. I currently have Vector 3 (single sided) pedals on my Tri bike and I will occasionally swap them onto my hard tail for some gravel. I know there are some strong feelings about the vector pedals but I’ve had great luck with them. I realize that it’s not a direct comparison on different bikes but those are the tools I’ve got. So when we splurge for the new rig I’d like to get something dedicated to that.

Anyone have suggestions? I’m not partial to pedal based - just want something reliable (and relatively reasonably priced).

I have a Quarq on my gravel bike, and it’s been flawless. So that would be my recommendation. Plus it measures total power, instead of measuring just one side and doubling it.


What groupset/chainset?

I haven’t 100% decided but likely shimano grx 810.

Long thread on GRX meter options and a ton of good info here: GRX Power Meter Options - #125 by AldridgePrior


Quarq on my CX/gravel bike, >20,000km including some pretty muddy CX races, and lots of gravel, no issues. Lots of pedal strikes on rocky single track too which im pretty confident would have destroyed anything pedal based

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I have a SRAM Red 22 Quarq crankset with an otherwise full GRX Di2 2x groupset. Works flawlessly.