Gravel bike power meter

So just picked up my Norco Search XR Carbon.
Has a Praxis Zayante 48/32T crankset. Just wonder what people would put on it for a PM on it on a budget?

By what I have read a 3 bolt Quarq would go straight on. Have been able to find any info to confirm this.


I have a power2max meter on my gravel bike, so far it’s been totally solid but it’s not been off road very much. P2m say

“The NGeco Road Praxis power meter spider is the power meter for all cyclist who already use a Praxis crankset with three torque bolts (i.e.: all new modular Zayante M30 DM, Alba M30 DM and Zayante Carbon M30 DM crank sets).”

Mine is on a SRAM 1x so not the same mount but I guess the system is basically identical.

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