Which bike would you use?

I am questioning which bike I should be using for my indoor rides and could use some advice. I upgraded this past fall to a Cycleops Hammer wheel off trainer. My primary road bike is a 2017 Trek Emonda and I have a PowerTap wheelset so I have not been able to use powermatch with the new trainer. I’ve debated on picking up a Stages power meter but I am planning on buying a new road bike with disc brakes in the next few months so I will hold off on PM. My cross bike is a Trek Crockett set up similarly with a Stages PM.
My first event of the year is the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in May so I will be on a road bike. Would you continue to train on the Emonda and just use the power from the Hammer or would you set up the Crockett to get a more accurate reading?


Doesn’t matter too much bro! Just get on your trainer and ride

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I would use the Crockett . . . it’s aluminum right? Not a big a fan of putting a high end carbon bike on a trainer road and routinely training on it. Sure, occasionally throwing it in a trainer for a race warm-up - ok, fine. But chronic use on a high end carbon bike in a trainer I would be careful and avoid if possible. I am sure I will hear some counter advice, but I literally just heard of a friend last week breaking their Emonda in the trainer - cracked and TREK is not warrantying!

Again, I am sure plenty of people will say theirs has no problem in the trainer . . . but I say, what a great use for the “B” bike to mitigate risk. I use my old Trek XO in the trainer and keep my Emonda ready for climbing! Good luck

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Hi! At first,do you need just road bike?
If yes,I would like to recommend you
Forward Indie 1.0;
Trek FX 2 ;
STELS Energyll;
Format 2211;
My new bike is exactly FI 1.0. Its very convenient, light and practical.
I understand in a more professional bicycle,but if you need a simpler version, I can search the Internet)
My sister now with me and she also looking for tha bike. She told me,that you can see the information here http://bestadviser.net/how-to/how-to-keep-riding-in-wet-and-cold-conditions/
Maybe it will help too,because as I said, I’m more versed in the more sporty types:sweat_smile:

$20 bucks says he didn’t secure it in the trainer properly. :money_mouth_face:

Have used my “nice”/race bike in a trainer daily/weekly for 3 years and never had an issue. YMMV but bikes are made to be ridden.

I’d use the Trek still, as that’s the bike you’ll be racing on. At least you’re comparing power at the hub without drivetrain losses to compensate for.

Maybe just find time between now and the event to do an FTP test outdoors? Then you can get an idea of the difference, and if your Hammer FTP increases, shift your outdoor FTP up the same amount.

If the bike you’ll use in your “A” event is the Emonda, then use the Emonda on the trainer. It’s also likely to be the easiest frameset to acquire an identical replacement for, in the event of some freakish “failure.”
You want to train in the position that you want to perform in, or perhaps even more likely, discover the performance limitations of your “race bike” outside of the distractions of racing. If you can’t afford to train on it, then you can’t afford to race to your best ability on it. I’m not trying to be dismissive of any financial concerns related to equipment. If you’re committed to a TR program, you’re probably realizing how effective the training is, relative to equipment spend. Precious things, like vintage bikes or “race-only” bikes belong on your wall/ceiling hooks. Serious sports equipment belongs under your body for training purposes, inside or out.

I want to be clear. I have no concerns with riding my carbon Emonda on the trainer. I’ve got two years of it on a trainer and no issues and I am not a small dude (6’3” 228lbs) My main concern was accurate power numbers and secondary concern was training on the bike you race on. It sounds like the general thought is the power readings from the Hammer are sufficient so I’ll keep riding the Emonda. Thanks for the input!