Which bike to use in the trainer?


I have a dilemma, which bike to use on the trainer.
I have a 2018 Kickr, so I can put almost any bike on it.
Here are the choices

  1. 5 year old hybrid bike. No power meters, old shimano 8-speed drivetrain.
  2. My new Yeti SB100 MTB with Quarq power meter.

I do trail riding and do around 5 MTB races per year.
Which bike do you think is better to use on the trainer?

If I put a Yeti on the trainer, should I lock the suspension, or should I learn how to output power while minimizing the suspension movement?

If you are going for specificity, I’d go with the Yeti. You could do PowerMatch with the Quarq and you would be riding with the same set up you have outdoors. You will put a little more wear on your bottom bracket, pedals, front chain ring and chain with indoor use, but my thought is that bikes are meant to be ridden. Just keep up with your maintenance.

I’d lockout the suspension indoors.

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I put my SCOTT Spark RC 900 World Cup on the trainer. Lock out all suspension. I like training on the weapon I race with. I recommend getting a cheap trainer wheel, trainer tire and cassette. Maybe when you move closer to in season or towards an “A” event you can unlock and train the way you race. But as for now, you’d definitely be losing watts to suspension.

Also use powermatch with your Quarq. Santa supposed to bring me a Quarq XX1

The benefit of training with your Quarq indoors is worth it. This way you can compare all your indoor sessions with outdoor efforts and track your training in a very consistent way. If the XC bike didn’t have the power meter, I’d recommend the hybrid bike.
As others have mentioned, be sure to enable PowerMatch so your power meter’s reading control ERG mode levels, since sometimes there can be a bit of a difference between reported power at the crank and your trainer.