Trainer + bike setup advice

Ok so a fairly similar question to whats been discussed here before but I have a slightly different problem (first world problem). And this is a long post…

Setup as it currently stands:
Rotor 2INPower power meter
CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer (dumb trainer, QR only)
Timetrial bike with BB30 - 2x10
Rondo gravel bike (disc brakes and thru axle rear) - 1x11

I’ve been riding my TT bike on the indoor trainer and swapping the PM between the gravel bike which I ride on weekends and the TT bike which sits on the trainer. Easy to swap, although swapping chainrings too every time is a small hack.

My real issue is that now as I’m not currently training for triathlon its a little uncomfortable riding upright on the TT bike. And changing the PM and chainrings is something I’d rather not do if I didn’t have to.

If I got a kickr (or similar) I could put the Rondo on the kickr although I would rather not run this bike on the trainer just to protect the frame etc. I don’t think trainers do much damage at all to bikes but I’ve just built this up new and so I’m more worried about damage to it compared to the TT bike.

If I got the kickr I could also use the TT bike but that wouldn’t solve either issue unless I relied on the kickr’s PM and didn’t swap cranks. I’d have to check the offset first so at least I’d know the difference between indoor and outdoor power. Comfort on the TT bike would still be an issue.

I could also forget about a kickr and just buy another PM for the TT bike and keep that on the Jet Fluid Pro.

Used kickr1 in South Africa - $715
New kickr4 - $1,300
Used stages - $360

A stages for the TT bike is the cheapest option but then no Erg mode (don’t actually care…never had erg mode and never thought I needed it) and bike is still not the most comfortable.

Last option is I buy a cheap 2nd hand roadbike and a stages and put that on the dumb trainer.

What say you to my problem? There are too many options and I’m confused.

If you are looking for optimal comfort on the trainer, as well as training specificity for the bike you plan to ride outside, I would recommend using your Gravel Bike on the trainer. TT bikes have very different fits, which means that your fitness gained on the TT bike will not perfectly transfer to your Gravel Bike. At TrainerRoad HQ, we have a lot of very expensive bikes clamped to trainers and none have ever had any issues despite hours and hours of use.

If you are willing to run your gravel bike on the trainer, then the cheapest way to get power would be a Used Stages as you mentioned. They make adapters that will allow you to mount your thru-axle bike onto a trainer designed for QR. Here’s a link:

If you’re not willing to use your gravel bike, then getting a second “trainer” bike would be your best bet. You could then buy an easily transferrable pedal-based power meter like the Garmin Vector 3 so that you can swap the pedals between your trainer bike and your gravel bike :+1:

It sounds like ERG mode doesn’t really interest you, so I see no real reason to upgrade your trainer to a Smart Trainer honestly. You should be able to get most bikes to fit on your Fluid Pro.

I hope this helps!

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Cycleops Hammer comes with axle adapters and I’m quite happy with mine over 200+ workouts, no problems aside from some clicking that I can’t hear, but could clean to eliminate.

Thanks Bryce! Didn’t know you could get those adapters…will look into it

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thanks. Hammer would be my first choice if budget wasnt an issue