Which Bike: Road or TT

I’ve spent the last 12-14 weeks on a new road bike as I plan to race Crits in a few weeks… However I signed to for a duathlon at the last minute for Sunday, and seeing as I haven’t spent much time on my tt bike, as I spent the last year focused on running, I was considering riding the new road bike.

Thiughts? I haven’t signed to for any tri’s yet but plan to do so later in the season. Does it make sense to ride the tt?

I have a couple questions for you to ask yourself that may help you solidify your decisions:

  • Do you have prior experience training on the TT bike?
  • Is your TT bike properly fit?
  • Are you comfortable handling your TT bike in wind/ corners?
  • Is it a flat course?
  • How long is the course? Will you be able to hold aerodynamic popsition the whole time?

If you have past training experience on the TT bike, it fits, you are comfortable handing it, and your goal is the lowest time possible, then I would likely recommend racing the TT bike since there are huge gains aerodynamic gains to be had over the road bike.

If your primary goal is to have fun, then the road bike is likely a better option since your time on the TT bike will likely be uncomfortable due to your lack of recent adaptations.


Basically ‘yes’ to all you bulleted questions above… I’ve only ridden my TT over the past five years (which has been properly fitted) and just recently purchased the road bike. The road bike has also been fitted but it’s taken some getting used to. I think mostly because of the aggressive position and the large amount of time spent focused on running with zero riding.

In terms of goals - I of course want to do well AND have fun. I’m in 6th week of my phase and feeling a bit fatigued so I realize I may have to lean more towards the side of fun.

Tri bikes are so much faster. If its like most other duathlons, it is not hilly or technical. Just get out on it a time or two prior and practice the transitions again. Transitions are worth more free speed than any aero benifit like wheels or a helmet.

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