Eagle chains - XX1 vs GX if waxing?

My gravel bike is a Salsa Cutthroat with a Force/GX Eagle mullet, X01 cassette, and up until now a gold XX1 chain (because it’s gold, obviously). From what I’ve gathered reading online, the higher end Eagle chains are more durable, but I’m wondering if that’s still the case when waxing?

I want to put on a bigger chain ring so I need a new chain. I have a back up unused GX chain which I can strip and wax, but I’m wondering if I should spend the money to get another XX1 chain. My new chainring and current cassette have minimal wear and I definitely want them to last.

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you!

I went with X01’s on my AXS MTB since they’re a little less costly than the XX1’s but perform the same according to https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/chaintesting/. Both about double the GX in their testing.


Agree with theotherone, go XO1 for less money and what appears to be the same wear and performance.

GX will be fine, but will require replacing sooner than an XO1 would wax, or not.


I was lured into a GX chain given the price difference and only thing available during COVID. It wore shockingly fast in a couple of months and cost me a chainring. Something like 500 miles. Friends don’t let friends get GX chains. If you’re waxing an XX1 chain it may last you a lifetime.

FWIW - bikecloset has XX1 chains for all of $50 right now.


Durability is a product of they materials and the amount of grit they are exposed to. In theory wax should attract less grit, so on that basis it should last longer.

Acourding to zerofriction.au 's testing xx1 and xo1 have the same protective coating so wear the same; "note that GX level chains do not have HARDCHROME and wear VASTLY faster vs x01 & xx1 level chains.

Personally i ride the x01

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I think you got a bad one. I’m avg’ing around 2000 miles of mtb on the last few gx chains. Stocked up on em when I found them cheap. I think I’m on my last one, will try a xo1 next time but so far, really no complaints on it

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