Where's the Off-Season in Plan Builder?

As with most everyone else, my A-Race (Leadville) was cancelled for this year. After cancelling races for 2020 and re-adding the same races for 2021, I had Plan Builder recalculate my plan. With over a year of training\races added, I assumed that Plan Builder would add a total off the bike off-season of some sort in that time span. It didn’t and now I am confused.

If I follow Plan Builder for the next 66 weeks, do I not need a off-season\total rest time?
If I do need an off-season, how do I add that and how do I know when to add it?

Love PB, but there is still a few things to iron out. Oh and I tried both editing my current PB plan and also starting from scratch. Both times - no off-season of any kind. I will say that the plan did double up on Sweet Spot Base plans, so maybe that is enough?


Off season is manual for now. Best to set your PB part 1 with an end date. Then set a new PB part 2 that starts afterwards, with whatever time gap you desire. Effectively make 2 separate PB plans at whatever staging and gap you want.

When they add the vacation options, its possible that could be used, but we don’t even have that option now. So manual is required.