Where in the world are you? (updated with tally)

Oslo, Norway

Teaneck, NJ, USA. Right next to New York City and the George Washington Bridge.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Bonita (San Diego), CA, USA

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At the feet of the white mountains in New Hampshire, USA

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York, UK

Houston, TX

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Ballymena, Northern Ireland



Oakville, Canada

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Siedlce, Poland

Madison, Wisconsin!

Anywhere near the Via Claudia Augusta? Been wanting to ride the Bavarian alps for a few years after reading about it.

Boston area USA for me, although I’m also Portuguese through my parents

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Rochester, NY

Boise Idaho USA

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Melbourne Australia

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Via Claudia passes by just right to the picture.

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Perth, Scotland (the proper Perth before you WA’s wade in :wink: )