Where are you from?

Hello TR forum users,
I was curious as to where the user base comes from.
Apologies for haphazard countries/continents, I’m limited to 19 options.

  • USA
  • Europe - United Kingdom
  • Europe - France
  • Europe - Germany
  • Europe - Italy
  • Europe - Netherlands
  • Europe - Spain/Portugal/Iberian
  • Europe - Belgium
  • Europe - Scandinavian/Nordic
  • Europe - Other
  • Canada
  • Asia - China
  • Asia - Japan
  • Asia - Other
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • Indian subcontinent
  • South America
  • Africa (Central, East, South & West Africa)

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Email support we need to add the Dark Side of the Moon to the poll :wink:

You do realise Belgium is more than one country? :rofl:

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You missed off Yorkshire.


I’ve always wished for there to be some kind of way to meet other TR locals to ride with, instead of creeping through the TrainerRoad Strava group for people around Philadelphia like a weirdo. I realize right now may not be the best time but almost wish there was a locals section here, then again it would just be full of threads of “who else is from (insert small town here)”.


I always said this about strava. When traveling I always wanted to find local group rides, but searching through various websites became too bothersome.

I like that they now put a location next to your name so if I do scroll through the group I can quickly spot who’s in my state or a nearby one. Before I’d have to look at individual maps. I’ve found Strava very useful for meeting people, I’m going up to the mountains with my family in a month and just commented on a few peoples rides on random segments there to get some feedback for how the roads are up there. Everyone responded and was very friendly.


Jeez so I’m the only Asian here but i’m still half European! Dynamic crowd


Not sure where New Zealand fits in the options :thinking::rofl:

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Dane relocated to Delco checking in …

My Delco is Delaware County PA :rofl:

That is my Delo as well!

Welcome to the city of brotherly love, apparently love means homicide here

Agreed. Oof, that hurts :rofl:.

:rofl: Australia

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The survey misses a category for “other countries Americans can’t place on a map”.


What happened to Mexico?

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I’m IN the UK but I’m FROM Australia.

I mean… its hard to include EVERY one…
But there is Central America… and the Caribbean Island…

These threads always turn into “what about ____”.

What about North Korea?