Where in the world are you? (updated with tally)

Buckinghamshire, UK.

I live next to this 150 meter wind turbine, don’t talk to me about headwind.

Funnily enough great climbs in the Chilterns only a few miles away. Lumpy to the South West, flat to the North East. Win win.


San Francisco, California!

This thread is super cool - impressed with the variety!

Toulouse, France

Bristol, UK

Dundalk, Ireland

Glascar, Northern Ireland

Aberdeen, UK

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Nashua, NH. Work outside Boston, play in the White Mountains, live in the middle!

Gothenburg, Sweden

Alberta, Canada.

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Westchester County, NY


British Columbia, Canada

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Lorette, Manitoba Canada

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NW corner of Washington, US

Reno, NV USA

Ingolstadt, Germany

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Frankfurt, Germany

Northern California, USA.

Arad, Romania.

Honolulu, Hawaii