Where do you buy jeans that fit?

I have a problem finding jeans that fit my thighs (large) and waist (small) and many cyclists I’ve met have the same problem. Putting out to a larger community…where have you found jeans that fit well?


Rapha used to sell trousers, made specifically for sprinters. Not sure if they still do it.

Stretchy jeans changed my life. Not sure where you are or if they’re national but a shop called GLICKS has them here in MI. I do stitch fix and when I get a pair of jeans it’s like Russian roulette if they’re going or fit after a wash or not.


Neuw Jeans. Best I have worn.

Rapha material too crunchy/not stretchy, would definitely not recommend.

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I wear exclusively stretchy jeans now.
Paige jeans (only when they’re on sale). They don’t even feel like jeans, they’re as comfortable as sweat pants.

edit: 51% rayon, 26% cotton, 22% polyester, 1% spandex. So not jeans but look exactly like jeans.


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Stretch jeans!

Search for ‘tapered’ styles.

I seem to get away with most high street brands. Howies, Edwin and Levis all fit me perfectly. Maybe I need to give the sparrow his legs back?

I am relatively new to cycling but before that was a lightweight rower, the search for pants and jeans to fit my thighs and glutes has defined my young life.

Tapered fit is hardly good enough IMO. Yes a taper in theory will work but you need small waist and room in the legs which is not necessarily a taper. It is worth coming to terms with the fact the while many companies sell jeans with an athletic most of them will either have either nowhere near enough room or far too much.

I had settled on just having my pants be a little tight, better look than too big. However this fall I discovered Everlane’s athletic fight. This is the only TRUE athletic fit that does what it says. The waist is whatever size you need and the but and legs are roomy! When I put them on I thought “Wow! So this is how normal-thigh people feel in pants!” That said, I’m not sure if this is the intention or not but they still fight me like slim pants. If you don’t want slim pants then I recommend any model Carhartt has.

I guess it pays to have skinny legs like me hahaha…
For me it’s hard to get the right length and waist size - good on the waist, short on the legs and vice versa. Levi’s 502 is what works for me.

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Try Wrangler
I have a 33 inch waist and 23 inch upper thigh. They fit me great, the only jeans I wear.

If you have a Uniqlo in your local area their pants (especially their chinos!) come in so many different size variations you’re bound to find something, and free tailoring!


These are great. The flex fabric is really comfortable :+1:t3:

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I have found American eagle jeans to be perfect. They have some really stretchy ones and a number of different cuts.

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I’d highly recommend https://spoke-london.com. Three different fits and waist sizes down to 28".

Ill second Uniqlo and then just have the waist take in. Makes any pair of trousers fit better any way if you get it tailored.

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Other option is Levis No. 1 (fully made to measure but its pricey)

Another one to look into - the Lucky 410 Athletic Fit…I stumbled onto them a couple years ago and now they’re the only jeans I wear.