Last years jeans dont fit! great problem to have!

Kinda an odd question, but Im sure Im not the only one, so its worth a shot…

Structured training has been awesome for me. Down from a 38inch waist to 33ish. Great feeling to see the weight come down and power come up, but its getting cold and none of my pants from last year fit. Ive tried damn near every “mall brand” jeans and cant find anything that fits. Apparently everyone with a 33in waist also has chicken legs… My waist is finally normal size, but my thighs and calfs are larger than average according to the people that decide how jeans are cut
Can anyone point me in the direction of some jeans that are more tailored to athletes?


Relaxed fit and a decent belt is good for me.

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Banana chinos fit me great but just not having luck finding jeans that dont look like euro-slim fit, no matter what cut I try. I think im a bit too old to be rocking skinny jeans!

Short answer: no. Tried a number of different jeans from all the usual companies (Levis etc) and several smaller ones. In order to get them to fit the calves, thighs, or butt, the waste ends up being too big and they don’t stay up without aggressive belt usage.

Hockey players have similar problems - if you google jeans for hockey players or hockey butt you may find some things to try.

They are not jeans, but I’ve switched to Lululemon pants for most of my day to day use because they fit well.

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haha funny you mention hockey…I think thats where my legs come from. Been a long time hockey player. Actually got introduced to road cycling in college when I got tired of pedaling away on the stationary bike. Once hockey was over, I had my new way of staying competitive with cycling.

Love lululemon sweat pants but their regular pants fit me like those old Pajama Jeans. Gongshow used to have some “hockey fit” jeans but havnt seen them in years!

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Haha google “pajama jeans”. It was an infomercial probably 10 years ago for leggings that look like jeans.

No interest in Hollister. I’m not 16 anymore and the owner of Abercrombie is a complete piece of garbage!

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I’ve struggled to find jeans for the last 10 years or so; I wear a 28 waist, 32 length. I’ve found that it really comes down to the particular model and sometimes even specific pair on the shelf, but get used to trying them on in the store. I’ve had luck with these brands:

Seven For All Mankind
American Eagle
Goodfellow (Target brand)

The key is STRETCH FIT. They don’t look different from “normal” jeans, but it makes all the difference in the world.

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I wear size 30 jeans,

My but and legs do not fit right on most of them
Try athletic jean cut…
they seem to have slightly more room on the legs.

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I just got a pair of these and they fit great, just stretchy enough that they don’t feel constrictive around the thighs.


Lucky has an “athletic fit” in a few models.

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Levi’s too

Someone posted a link to them already

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I forgot that I have a pair of these; I use them primarily for trail rides, very comfy.

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BR’s Luxe Traveler jeans are stretchy.

I also really like Lululemon pants, but I’m bourgie.

I have ex rugby player legs. Not as big as I used to be, but still chunky vs a typical cyclist.

Kuhl pants and jeans work great for me.

I found these a few years ago and really like them. They are in the more narrow side but don’t make you feel like a stuffed sausage. They are the only jeans I have found that I don’t need a belt with.

Welcome to the wonderful world of being fit…as sad as this sounds, you are now unfortunately in a minority when it comes to body shape. For years before I started doing endurance sports I primarily lifted weights which exacerbated this same problem beyond what I experience now that I am leaner. Good luck buying a suit back then!
As others suggested, a stretchy model of jeans is one way to go. The feeling is a bit unsettling at first, but you may eventually get used to it (I did).
Another approach is to visit 2nd hand or vintage stores. In the 90s and early 2000s jean styles were much more relaxed. In my opinion, quality was generally a lot better then too.

Check barbell apparel. Looks like exactly what you need

DU/ER or Zara might be your options. Athletic fit with a li’l stretch to it. Look for the ones with spandex in its materials. Good luck!

Try Rohan jeans, e.g. their old Jeans, Jeans Plus, Advance Jeans, Nordic Jeans, Winter Jeans, etc. They are stretchy, pack small, dry quickly, and have lots of practical pockets but look like normal jeans. Not particularly durable, esp. if you cycle in them, but you can get them for as little as ten quid a pair on Ebay (about £100 new) so you can just replace them more frequently.

Haha! welcome to the club :slight_smile:
I also had this problem and Diesel carrot cut or straight cut jeans helps to sort it out.