Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

Did the Rapha “A Day in Hell” ride here in LA yesterday to commemorate what would have been the start of Paris-Roubaix. Mix of tarmac and gravel and some brutally steep climbs.


Summer has hit with a vengeance.


Nothing exciting for me today but after just 1deg C overnight it had risen to 12 deg and a lunchtime trip out to the Washingley cross roads was in order.

The HR was probably a couple of beats higher than ordinary after Friday AZ vaccine but not uncomfortably so :+1:


It was too much of a nice evening and when someone said there was a chaingang I gave in and went out. I didn’t even last one turn :hushed:
I didn’t have any fatigue but there was no power. I suppose that was to be expected after my tumultuous weekend after the vaccine and losing 1kg when I don’t have much to lose. Still glad I had it and apart from the lack of power I seem to be back to normal.

Oh I made up the route and decided to up one of the few hills in the area but annoyingly the route also took me over a couple miles of new lose chippings which led to a lot of freewheeling.

I reset the clock after my effort expecting to crawl home but surprisingly with no hills and only a light headwind there was plenty left in my legs.


Vaccination Nation:

At least 25 peeps on the group ride last night. Everyone remembered how to ride in a group, no sketchy behavior :+1:

Pushed a little harder/smarter than last week:

less wind this week - only 14mph gusting 22mph.

About halfway I latched on to the A group (they do bonus miles mid-route) right as we turned to receive that tailwind. Quickly hit 30+mph but had to burn two 900+W matches and mentally gave up and dropped off to hang with Dell a new guy. Still ended up 6th out of 16 (that uploaded to Strava) on that 2.4 mile downwind segment at 26.7mph (A group 30.2mph), despite rolling on my ridiculously non-aero 38mm wide training tires on 32mm rims. Next week I’ll try and HTFU. Always great to meet new peeps, Dell and I talked trash about his brother and hassled Derek at the regroup.

Good times.


First club TT of the year and my second time this year on the TT bike and it showed.

It wasn’t helped that my velotoze split when putting them on whilst I was going too slow to benefit from the aero they would have protected my chemo damaged toes from the wind chill. The bigger factor was an un-aerodynamic position because of me riding most of the time with one hand on the base bar and front brake :roll_eyes: 26.11 along way behind my PB last Aug of 24.39 :neutral_face:

At least my lungs are working again :roll_eyes:


Dang! Top 1%. Nice!

Glad you are feeling better from the vaccine. The second shot knocked me out for days.

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First time in a few months that I’ve been out with the KV group and it didn’t disappoint. It was a good move to put my summer wheels on (nothing too fancy, Hunt Aluminium aerowide, but they few mm’s of aero make a difference).


Its not a very hilly route but I was pleased to get a PR up one of the few hills in it (If you can call 1.7% a hill) :smiley:

Maybe I should quote the TR elevation, still not hilly but a bit more respectable :joy:


A 50k gravel-ish effort, which amazingly featured my first placings on Strava [because no one does those segments, but let’s ignore that for the moment :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:]

The devil’s tail is a b*stard of a climb on a converted road bike, mind you!!


First batch of nice weather in what feels like months in Trondheim. Temperature around 10-ish C, very light breeze, not a single cloud in the entire sky:

Saw some very disappointed sailors collected around Munkholmen, the monastery/fort:


Saturday Morning Group Ride. Haven’t recovered from chasing my wife up hills on her e-bike yesterday. 50 mi and 3563 ft of climbing. Was off the back on most of the hills. The first day with temps over 60 F (15 C) in NE Washington


Big, solo day on a classic ride out of NYC. Decent enough weather and no mechanicals – what more could I want??


Went out for a ride today. It was just over 80km (52 miles) with 6300’ of climbing but headed out, I wasn’t sure it would be over 15mi. The temperature was about 5C for the first and last ±45min and otherwise around 2C. Less than hour into the ride I knew I didn’t eat enough before heading out (a dark wheat roll with fruit aka dinkelbrot mit frucht) and two cups of tea. I had only two gels because I neglected to get more but two bottle of Maurten 320 plus two more packs. Fortunately, despite the weather there was one place (a trailer at Raten Pass, soon after the highest peak and before the next peak) on the route, open for snacks, so I got a hot dog (6CHF, which is about $6) which was surprisingly delicious and a proper hot dog (a rarity here).

There was snow on the route.

And of course, hills means views.

The ride wasn’t meant to be fast, which meant I was not disappointed when it wasn’t fast. It was time on the saddle and enjoying the outdoors. Despite the cool weather, on the second half of the ride, there was an increasing number of people I saw on the trails, hiking or enjoying bbq’s. The Swiss love to bbq using firepits scattered throughout the forests, which meant some great smells as I cruised home. Unfortunately, no brats in the fridge when I got home, a situation I’ll address tomorrow when the market is open.


Looks awesome. If I lived around there I wouldn’t ride much road. Thanks for the pics!

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Ride title says it all. A couple hours later and my throat is still sore from the violent sneeze attack. Yesterday we had strong north winds, woke up this morning and still NNW 8mph gusting 12mph. Die another day.

On the bright side I did a new TT warmup protocol.

edit 3 hours later:
wife just now, almost 3 hours later “hey, either cough it out or have another cigarette!”

Theme song: Hayes Carll “Drunken Poet’s Dream”

“I got a woman she’s wild as Rome
She likes to lay naked and be gazed upon
She crosses a bridge and then sets it on fire
Lands like a bird on a telephone wire”



Two rides for me today.
A relaxed ride in the morning with friends and a cafe stop in the sun. My Garmin which was in the shade recorded 21degC.

I got back and watched the Amstel Gold but I had the ickling to go out on the TT bike for some practice. So half way through the winners speech (a cyclist btw) I did (sorry for the massive spoiler but it just slipped out)

The position felt much more smooth and stable. The big difference, I think, I was wearing thicker gloves to protect my damaged fingers :thinking:


Does this count as yesterday? or today?


Loving bucks county PA, set a new power PR for the season 492w for 2 minutes trying to take down a KOM. Missed it by 3 seconds, I’ll be back!

Two schools of thought on the shades: I either look way cooler than I am, or like a total dork.


First Sunday ride of Base 2, where I try to do mostly zone 2, but with more climbing comes a bit of tempo and SST

I keep managing these rides with HR, RPE and DFa1=.75



A quick hour long warmup ride this evening. Getting pumped for more Sedona awesomeness for the next 4 days!!