Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

Dropped early and often… last time I got dropped:

Good times, I ‘downshifted’ to upper z2 to recover and told her to go. She did thank me on the ride and after:

Base fitness is solid, just need to work on strength endurance and take it from last night’s ~40 minutes out to a proper diesel ~120 minutes. Rock and roll.


Was in Newtown area a couple years ago and was gorgeous - after going to Sesame Place :slight_smile:

Wonderful outdoor ride at lunch. Was warmer than appears. And I hit 235 PRs - only had PM for 2 months - but they are still PRs!


More weekday western slope riding.

This is the trail where we’re going. Hike a bike up and down.

This is the direction we came from.

Sweet desert single track.

The obligatory action shot with the river in the background.

This was my first ride with a hot waxed chain. It performed well, but still a few creaks now and again that I wasn’t expecting. I think the tight tolerances of a new Sram chain may not work as well as other chains with hot wax. Will be interesting to compare to my gravel bike - shimano 11 speed chain - that I also waxed.


Seeing the benefits of the new structured workouts and increased volume (thanks to 5:15an workouts) and base phase paying off with some decent numbers and PR’s!

Did a chain gang Tuesday after the big 4 hour hard ride Sunday and playing football Monday- so know there’s more in the legs when fresh.


84km with 1000m up, flew the first half then realised there had been a respectable tailwind… Part 2 was less sexy. Longest outing of the year so far, was going to turn it into 100km, but the poxy headwind changed my mind. Fuelled W 750ml of apple juice and water and 2 small farmer bars.


First Saturday Bash with my team mates in almost six months. I’ve missed these boys :+1:


Nice! Cool architecture in that photo.

I had planned to do 3 hr solo today and keep it really easy, like IF .65, but when you bring a pal along who’s been cooped up in his house all winter “things” happen and “easy” just isn’t a part his plan. Still a great time though. This capped off an 8.5 hr and 568TSS week, my biggest thus far this season.

Time for: beer and sitting on my ass doing nothing


4th Century in 4 Saturdays. Up and out before sunrise. Winds kicked up from 4-6MPH to 12-15MPH about 38 miles in, good practice keeping some semblance of my NP target while fighting that block headwind for 13 miles until my turn for home…then it was a glorious tailwind pretty much the whole way home, racing the storm that was making those winds. I won.

Headwind to tailwind comparison after making the 150* turn towards the house:


A 3 hour circular in the countryside around the town I live in. Wet and windy and 5-6C but glad I went out in less than inspiring conditions. I got bored with standard photos on my Strava, so here’s one with the photoshop stained glass filter applied.


Getting a KOM had me like :partying_face:, seeing I just tied made me go :unamused:


Cherry blossoms are in full swing!


First group ride in a while (only 4 of us). Nice to get out, even though the weather was a ‘four seasons’ affair. Headed out of Norwich (UK) to Holt and along the coast to Cromer for a coffee stop.


Combo post. Yesterday was Galena+1 (3x20’ @ 95%) outdoor in Valencia, Spain. The sky was gray and when I rolled out, the forecast was 70% for rain. The first two 20-min efforts were executed well, the pace of the third was constantly interrupted. Power drops were largely due to a tight roundabouts or traffic slowing for a busy roundabout or passing through a small village. On the return, the rain started. It was a solid rain but not heavy, not a big deal but it did mean I took some of the roundabouts slower. The “hills” at the front and back of the ride are overpasses, take them out and 80% of the elevation gain is gone.

Entering Valencia from the south with rain means little traffic on a Saturday morning.

We flew home yesterday and today, Sunday, the weather is great. After rain and snow last week, we have a glorious day today. I wanted to get out and ride and not work; just be on the bike and on the trails. My procrastination to get out the door meant a “late” start of 9:45, which because I wasn’t trying to get somewhere or power anywhere, meant all the people out there was a kind of joy rather than distraction. As always, but substantially more so when I’m not out early, I need to watch for walkers, runners, dogs, and horses on the trails, especially on descents.

I was generally cruising on trails I don’t normally go on for one reason or another, so while some of the ride wasn’t new to me, it was still different.

In the distance is Zurich. To the left is a mountainbiker going up. I was about to continue going up because I heard an Alpenhorn (yeah, the stereotypical Swiss alps horn) but just as I was about to start rolling again, a rider came down that trail on a full suspension e-mtb. He asked me if I knew where I was going :joy: because, I guess, it gets technical with rocks and roots, very technical for a fully rigid bike. As I only came this way to find the Alpenhorn that he told me he say the guy packing up the horn was fine by me. I turned around to follow him on the trail, which behind me is far more technical than what you see here, and, well… with his full suspension, he kind of disappeared ahead of me.

It looks like last week’s winter is returning for an encore, so I will not be rotating the winter & summer kit just yet.


It was supposed to be the outdoors version of Tallac +3 for me. After Friday’s jab and perhaps blacking out Saturday morning and given it was my first ride on the TT bike this year. I decided not to press it today. I forgot about that for a bit when a wheel sucker jumped onto my wheel but sense got the better of me. It meant annoyingly with some 6 inches off my rear wheel I didn’t feel comfortable to go down on the poles. I gave a few speed wobbles but 40mins later he was still there.
So I decided to go right to Molesworth guessing he wouldn’t go that way. Thankfully I was right. Unfortunately after the detour I got caught in the build up to a hail storm and with the winds I didn’t feel comfortable to use the poles much.
When I got back despite wearing winter gear I couldn’t feel my chemo damaged fingers, so took the longer way into town which would see me on quieter roads and needing to brake less. I was tempted to stop for my first cafe coffee in a while but after I got out of the warm shower and had stopped shivering I was glad I hadn’t, the hailstorm had turned torrential :hushed:


That’s a frozen lake you are looking at. Last Sunday ride of Base 1. :point_right:t3:


First outdoor ride without winter bibs and jacket this season. +11c and sunny. Ended up riding way longer than intended, ran out of food and water. Continued the fine tradition of me pretending the 30mm tires make my road bike into a gravel bike.


Bit of gravel. Tbf, the descents weren’t really fun a lot of the time on a makeshift gravel bike with 33s, but it’s a lovely place nonetheless.


79 miles 5600 ft of climbing. Still working out fueling.


Short and simple today. I have a newborn so getting out is kinda difficult.

My ride ended with a puncture just a couple miles from home. But I still got most of the pedaling in!