Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

A lovely warm day in Wales for Easter Sunday. Took my planned session outdoors.

4x 10 mins at threshold with 2 min recoveries. Couldn’t quite hit the numbers today but HR was definitely up where it needed to be.


I will dearly miss Mallorca.
For everyone who hasn’t been for cycling, it is an absolute dream destination.
It has many climbs, several smaller ones (100 to 300m of ascent) plus a few big ones (Tùnel de Monnabar (6.1%, 820m climbing), Sa Calobra (7%, 660m climbing), Sobrument (10%, 550m climbing), Coll de Soller (5.7%, 420m climbing).
Most of the climbs have perfect asphalt, rather little traffic, a lot of hairpins, and are pretty achievable for all levels of cyclists.
Also, there are road cyclists everywhere and so many caffés and bars where they are very welcome (with bike parking, cycling food etc).
The weather was an absolute dream, just over 20C and a little wind the entire time. I was riding short sleeves, bib shorts the entire time with merino sleeves at my disposal, and it never got cold or too hot.
The restrictions due to COVID weren’t that big of a deal. Cafes and restaurants close at 5pm, so I did my rides around then, to have a nice coffee stop on time and have dinner at the hotel.
I must say that I like Mallorca even better than some of the other dream destinations I have been to (Alpe Maritime, Tenerife, Valois CH, Bavarian Alps).
I will thoroughly miss it, with Germany currently having slight snow fall and storm warnings :tired_face:.

Here go a few highlights:

OJ Shack, fresh orange juice and good coffee right between Sa Calobra and Puig Major

Especially Sa Calobra, Tunel de Monnabar (Puig Major), and Coll de Soller are among my top 10 riding experiences ever. The good times on Sa Calobra and Coll Soller make This an even better memory.


  • 9 days
  • 8 rides
  • 500+km
  • 10,000m+ climbing
  • 1,000+ TSS
  • 14,000+ kcal burned
  • 20h+ on the bike

You can see the exact moment my soul left my body at 900m, after 3km of roughly 10%. I had planned to go all the way to the top, but the thoughts of another 8km of this just made me cry, so I popped down for a lakeside spin instead. I’ll give it another go after some more hill intervals, I dont think any amount of TR can prepare you for this sort of bullsh1t.


Went out for a test run of a “local” hill that’s 5+km, 460m (3.2mi / 1500’) for 9% average. The fun part, I found, is the second half with its short 16% kicks and general ±12%. My goal was simply to PR (it being my first time and all) and to kept the throttle pulled out, turning the pedals, and enjoying what view there was. I’ll hammer it another time.

This doesn’t compare to Majorca and @Aeroiseverything’s ride, but it is better than back home in eastern Switzerland where the temp is about 1C and falling with snow falling soon (possibly as I write this). Sadly, tomorrow’s forecast here is a high of 14C with complete overcast.

It was a cool start so I had my arm warmers, which I would have removed except for a concern that the cool weather would make the descent chilly (nope, it warmed up).

It’s always fun to look down and see where you are on the hill.

I’m less than a k from the top.

I’ve got to say that as much as I enjoy riding the bike pictured – my 2015 Pearson Hammerandtongs, which is really a 2015 Ridley Helium under the paint with basic Fulcrum wheels – I can feel the difference between it and my bike in Switzerland, a 2019 Factor VAM. I keep gaming how to raise the topic of replacing my 2015 with my wife and I have yet to land on a scenario that ends with me married, alive, and with a new bike.


Clearly you’ve never been to Sacramento area and done our hill climbs, the views are incredible!

To which Dave said “Hill repeats? Wait a minute, lifting your bike up and down to get the elevation doesn’t count.”

It doesn’t? :thinking:


The chainy tonight and at first I was flying into the headwind; equalling times from 2012 with a tailwind. Then I hit a series of craters (aka potholes) and something seemed to go and I was hanging on the back and eventually dropped.
When I get home I saw I averaged 39w more than last week but I was 0.7mph slower :thinking: Then I spun my wheel. It spun for a bit and stopped dead. After tea I quickly diagnosed it, the pothole had caused the front caliper to loosen and the pad to rub. It wasn’t enough to totally disable me but enough to take the edge of me.


How fun to take your bike on vacation! What a great way to explore. Hope the paella was amazing!

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Practice crit time, came in second again but much closer this week. Feeling like I may get a win soon :pray:

On the back of the breakaway here




Well you did post a pic :rofl:

I originally posted a screenshot of the Strava ride but took it down, don’t want to offend anyone so I’ll just flex on em with my new goofy shades instead :muscle:t4:

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Did my first real group ride since fall of 2019. Done a few rides with a couple of buddies in the last year, who were being as careful as I was, but no true group rides.

But I am 2 weeks past my first shot, so 80% protected and the ride is obviously outside, so my wife and I both agreed that the risk factor was minimal.

It was so good to be back out with the regular crew…our Tues / Thurs rides are fast-paced rotating pace lines. Avg 25+mph with some stretches doing 30+. Very smooth and well organized.

Really wasn’t sure where I would be…as noted, haven’t ridden with them in a long time and mostly been doing TR…but I quickly settled into the rhythm and we were flying.

Ride the ~7 miles back home with a stoopid-ass grin on my face and was in a great mood all day.

Didn’t realize how much I missed those rides…great to be back!!


Good to have you back!

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ok this was crazy scene after finishing lunch…

wife spotted a squirrel momma taking a baby for ‘a ride’ from our feed zone while the dad was supervising:

yes that is a baby squirrel in the momma squirrel’s mouth. Dad on the plant container.

so we ran upstairs and caught her running along the top of the fence to a tree along our side yard. Forgot about my camera :roll_eyes: but redeemed myself with a shot after she jumped to a tree and climbed it:

you can see the baby’s tail in this pic!

And then jumping to a redwood tree where they have a nest, got a pic while in mid flight:

approximate route (no gps tracking):

@Cleanneon98 know you also love stats so here are my estimates:

  • 200 feet traveled
  • 30 feet of climbing
  • 10 50 squirrel TSS



Hilarious! :rofl:

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it was like a momma cat grabbing a kitten in its mouth, by the scruff of kitten’s neck, and then carrying on with normal squirrel maneuvers as if she didn’t even have the baby in her mouth. Gotta say that awesome nature action is right up there in our mental hall of fame.

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That is amazing squirrel athleticism! I think it was worth more than 10 TSS! She should recalibrate her meter.

We have a very polite squirrel that eats the peaches off our tree and then neatly piles the pits on the fence.

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Mark Roper squirrel ninja course. I’m sure there is a bike somewhere but this is definitely an outdoor workout.


watching and laughing already… and it reminded me that last week at lunch I saw a dove dive bomb, yes, dive bomb (!) a squirrel at the 3rd bird feeder and knock the squirrel to the ground :chipmunk: :boxing_glove: :dove: and here I thought doves were symbols of peace :thinking:

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Last week of Base 1, I got my first vaccine shot this morning.


PA countryside is awesome