Where did you ride OUTSIDE today? (2019 & 2020)

I rode a classic route of mine today, one I had not been on for a while. For the most part I put out butter burner effort. There was a major south wind huffing. The route goes south and jaunts east (with some trees to shelter me from the xwind) for a bit and then turns north again.

There is a segment on the north leg of my ride today – a 2 mile segment with downhill trending with gentle rollers and smooth asphalt. Unfortunately, it has been so long I forgot it was the entire two mile stretch and instead hit it at the halfway mark. Still, put my third best time on the segment and I have about 10 or so seconds (off of my best effort) to break into the top ten on this one.


Rode around the Blueberry farms in NJ and to the coast. Had 2 buddies with me, made it my goal to get both into the 20mph club. Mission accomplished!


Sunny but windy day on the Queen K today


Tried to get away from the smoke in CA’s Central Valley but it followed me

Rode out of town at 106F / 41C according to my Garmin but the official high was 113F / 45C.

Anywho after rerouting to avoid the grass fire smoke, almost 90 minutes later the temps dropped like a rock and hit 66F / 19C

Wonderful cool temps lasted almost an hour before I headed less than 12km / 7.5 miles back into the sauna.


50km trail ride as the last ride before recovery week. Constant short uphills and downhills, lots of rocks and roots all over the place and a couple of rain showers. Exhausting, but fun.


Same here today/tomorrow. Got to get my riding in today!


My nephew in CO told me it might snow. Over here its still going to be 100+F unless you are riding along the coast.

Solo, self-supported century to close out SSB2-MV. Lots of stops and slowdowns for road crossings and trail traffic. Moving time was closer to 5:20.


Local Gravel Race called ‘Colesburg Gravelpocalypse’

I set an insane number of new PR’s(110 all time!) Was hoping for a sub 3 hr time but course conditions put me to 3:11:01. Super happy with the effort. Finished with a NP of 238w and an IF of .87!


Today was a long and slow ride. I got out at about 7:30 am with a good west wind blowing and worked my way south for a bit and then turned east. Temps were fairly chilly too, but not too bad. Headed to a “climb” (our milk comes from cows not goats) today Map My Ride calls it a CAT5 and Strava doesn’t categorize it. I had not been to the location on my bike this summer. Got there took a break to eat my orange and was hoping for relief but all the restrooms were locked. Headed back out and then with some northbound action and then had to turn into the wind. It wasn’t too bad, kept the head down and turned the pedals on R at a time.

Eventually, got into town and took a meandering north and west route to my favorite west bound route and got caught at a traffic light. I had to put down a full on hamstring rebellion. I got going again and got home.

This was my longest ride (both in time and distance) since late summer of 2018. Here are the details: https://flow.polar.com/training/analysis/5097897301


Belgium, Vlaams Brabant, Dijleland. Short punchy climbs :muscle:t4:


Nice to get outdoors, looking forward to getting lighter so that my speed will increase for what I think is a decent wattage.

Sign outside a local school, should be the forum logo😉

This is about as close as Lincolnshire gets to wild fires, burning garden waste


After yesterday’s TT although I didn’t feel I needed it I forced myself into a recovery ride. It was warming up all the time and I sorely tempted to go further but thankfully the TdF was on. Although I didn’t really tune my brain into it until about 7km from the end.




With this year being messed up regarding events I was a bit surprised that the Cairngorm Loop https://www.cairngormsloop.net/ was going ahead. I’ve had previous on this, I got to Aviemore at 160km when I got an email stating that one of the burns (rivers) ahead was impassible. I’m not exactly happy around water, especially rivers in spate, so decided to scratch (quit).

So it was a bit of an unprepared line up at the group start in Blair Atholl. The TR training obviously paid off as I got to the first possible resupply point at 80km some 45mins quicker than previously. The next 20km is the crux and is has a lot of unrideable terrain, still I got to the Linn of Dee nearly two hours up. The next hard section was done in the dark and by the time I got to Aviemore I was on the same time, just before 1am! It was raining by now so I started to look for somewhere to get a couple of hours’ sleep. I eventually found an old horse box next to the route and got my head down - at least it was dry.

I was up and away at 0600 but it was soon obvious that I’d a lack of mileage this year, just no oomph. Things were made worse by a stiffening head wind. I went through the next village before the shops had opened so I had to carry on for another 40km to Braemar where I spent an hour refuelling and, errm, attending to delicate areas :grin: The next 20km were painful because of the headwind - roughly double the time I normally do it in. I also started to get a bit of cramp on this section so had to walk some flat sections. I also had to walk the last technical section because the wind was so blustery - even so I fell over a couple of times, being upside down on a 40 degree slope of wet heather above a swollen highland river with your bike on top of you isn’t fun.

I basically lost it at this point so rather than finishing by what’s known as “the sting in the tale” I bailed down the easy glen. A decision made easier by the dark looking storm heading towards me which wouldn’t have been fun 400m higher on the tops - a mate said he was blown off the bike a couple of times!

I feel like I’ve been through a full twelve rounds with Mike Tyson AND a game of American Football without any padding! My intervals.icu fitness chart suggests I do nothing until next week.

Here’s my Strava file - https://www.strava.com/activities/4063918989


My trainer road sessions were Pettit to day and the short ‘Volunteer’ tomorrow but as it was so nice I swapped them round and took ‘Volunteer’ outside during my lunch hour. A 45min session would have been perfect time wise (a 4.5h session would have been perfect weather wise). But lol, I didn’t realise I had to press the Lap button after the warm up to actually start the session :joy:


It’s rest day but get outdoors I told myself.
It will be lovely I thought🙄

4 miles in and took a spill crossing a road, broke my nice carbon handlebars.

This was either the culprit or the result of my quad hitting the floor🤣

Not badly injured, so back on the rollers tomorrow


Nothing particularly special to report on my pre-dawn ride in terms of terrain or route, but I did finally manage to “catch” the dog sled team I’ve caught only glimpses of previously. The three dogs are pulling their “dryland” 75kg wheeled sled and the 65kg rider. He’s standing with a straight, mountain bike handlebar and brake levers. Resistance training: the human told me their race sled for snow is much lighter.


On a run block at the moment and today was technically a rest day but the sun was out and I couldn’t resist a ride to the doughnut shop via the Lake Ontario waterfront.
image image


Decided that the 45minutes Volunteer session was ideal for lunch time. So I decided to do it to test my new BB. Everything seems smooth, there’s a new chain/cassette, chaining bolts are tight, the pedals seem good but I am still getting a dry like click when things are under pressure. The search for the source goes on :thinking: