Where did IF go?

Can’t see it anywhere on the website! Can still sort by it, but can’t see the actual IF score.

That’s strange. It seems to have completely disappeared

Yeah, if it was just in one view then I’d expect it to just be a bug that’s accidentally been committed during a code update, but the fact that it seems to have gone from everywhere is very strange.

IF is on the workouts on the app. And I just logged in on the website. I still see IF on workouts.

They must have just put it back again as it certainly wasn’t there on the browser an hour ago

I can’t see it on the website currently. For the last week or so the IF hasn’t been fitting in the calendar workout box online but this morning has gone from there completely.

Agreed. I’ve just checked and it’s not there.

Definitely missing on my browser currently. I saw this post, went to my Calendar, hit refresh and POOF! all my IFs disappeared.

Of course I could be jumping the gun here if it is a temporary bug, but…

I don’t mind it being missing from the calendar. It neatens up the view and makes it easier to see where your work is focused throughout the week.
But when I’m searching for extra / alternate workouts, IF is vital. TSS is a hard number to relate to without a lot of calculation, whereas if I’m looking for something hard, I know that an hour at .91-93 or 90 minutes at .88-99 will do the trick.

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Strangely, it still shows up if I go to the website on my iPhone (Safari), but not on my MacBook (Safari / Firefox / Chrome) . I’ve submitted a helpdesk ticket.

I thought maybe it was just in my foggy head this morning… but agreed, missing from my Macbook (Chrome) interface. But now appears to be back on the screen… me = confuzed.

i think there’s software tinkering afoot :joy:

Still missing on mine, MacBook, Safari (Pay no attention to my McAdie +1 crash and burn :thinking:)

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Bug! It should have gone away. Sorry!


@Nate_Pearson - Do I understand you correctly that IF is meant to have gone? I hope not as I find it to be a really useful metric for selecting/substituting workouts and for determining workout order in my calendar.

Gonna go out on a limb and assume Nate meant “shouldn’t” there… IF is pretty critical metric.

That, or he means that “the bug should have gone away”.


Hi Nate. IF has disappeared again!

yup, still AWOL