Where are you from?

I dont think they have free access to internet or access to anything really…
unlike most people in places like Puerto Rico (Caribbean) and Mexico (North America) :man_shrugging:

I am not asking to include ALL of Latin america Countries… but a Central/South America and the Caribbean sound like a decent All Inclusive net and maybe add Mexico since they already added the other 2 North America countries…

But they got segments….

Who else are we missing? Why is my home country of Ukraine in “Europe- other” like we are less important


At least they got “included” some what…
Where do i count myself if I am from Puerto Rico or Mexico?
At least someone from Ukrane can set it to Europe - Other,

At the end… it doesn’t even matter…
Who cares…?
I was just pointing there was no place for the areas listed in my post in this fun thread…
It was not my intention to make a big fuss either political or racial…


I haven’t seen race or politics mentioned anywhere in this thread. It’s just funny because this always turns into the “you forgot to add ____” on every forum and group ive ever seen it posted.



But Some people might see the ask the inclusion of Hispanic countries as a"racial" thing… so I was just clarifying my intention… There are many migrants living in the US that although living here, they consider themselves from somewhere else…

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I’m from somewhere else but I consider myself an American and voted as such. I’m sure OP just forgot and isn’t flexing their racism by not mentioning Central/South America, seems like they ran out of options for the poll. Probably could have added Israel in with the Middle East and included some others but hindsight is 20/20

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Same. But given the option I would have chosen PR or Caribbean…

For sure… its a very long list. I am not faulting the OP… I dont think there was malice in the poll…
in any case…

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come on, guys.
that is just a harmless poll for a harmless forum.
not more, not less


Of course no offence intended.
Actually I thought Mexico was part of South America which I am now face palming about :man_facepalming:t2:
I’ve definitely overlooked more than 1 region or country, it’s a shame I can’t edit the poll. It was an off the top of my head list I came up with in just a few minutes.


I almost replied to “what about Mexico” something like “to Americans, anything South of the Rio Grande is South America”, but refrained. And here we are.

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Where I am from is not where I currently live…
I live in Reno (TR HQ :slight_smile: )
I am from Switzerland.

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How can you tell when someone’s from Yorkshire?

You can’t but they tell you within the first 30 seconds :wink:


In my defense, I am not American :stuck_out_tongue:

Only another Dohnson vid is going to detract from this calamity :man_facepalming:t2:


They don’t call it “The Hermit Kingdom” for nothing! :rofl:

That KOM might go unchallenged for a while!