When to deviate from Base, Build, Specialty?

After being off the bike on two backpack trips for about 6 weeks,I started TR on Oct 25 with a ramp test which yielded 223W. I did SSB1 LV but did a ride every other day (3.5 rides/wk) instead of three a week so I got to the recovery week four weeks later. I did one recovery ride and then started SSB2 LV with a ramp test at 262W on Nov 20. Needless to say I was thrilled. Today I did Palisade again (it is the only workout that has repeated) and was 15W (NP) stronger at 1bpm lower than on Nov. 20 (3 weeks). I think my FTP is about 275 now.

In light of the rapid progress, I am wondering if I might be better off repeating SSB2 LV instead of moving to a Build plan. I seem to be progressing rapidly and wonder if I could/should wring more out of Base before moving to build. My main goal is just to move up the Strava leaderboard on the local Big Hill.

Check out the new Plan Builder tool:

You can choose a “I don’t have events” option that looks to work on overall fitness, with a focus that you dictated in the options. This is suggested rather than a simple repeat of the SSBLV2, for the main reason that doing the same work over and over will potentially lead to a plateau.

Repeating Base is a good idea, but I would do 1-2-1-2 pattern at least. And the old recommendation was to do Base, Build and repeat that pattern (with both SSB1 & 2).

The new recommendations captured in the Plan Builder are a bit different, but well worth your time to use and review.

Thank You for the quick reply

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