When does TR prescribe different threshold flavors?

There are several subcategories of threshold workouts.

As I’m currently doing the specialty long distance triathlon LV, the threshold workouts are all sustained power - no surprise. If i try to substitute a workout, the choice are confined to that subcategory - OK so be it, I trust TR.

Looking ahead to beyond this season, I’ll switch to “Train Now” mode and
I’m wondering which flavor of threshold wo is prescribed for what situation?

Is there some that are better for Grand fondo, Crit racing, MTB XCO or for maintaining instead of building?

Here’s the list:
Hard Starts
Mixed Intervals
Sustained Power
With Bursts

Also some Over-Under have a gradual ramp up and down (from 95 slowly climbing to 105%) and others have sudden change (95 then 105%) . I find the latter easier maybe because i have a dumb trainer and the cognitive load is more when the target pwr changes every few seconds.

Hard starts are all through the XCM plans as one point of reference :ok_hand:.

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I’ve found with TrainNow, you can get different subcategories. Regular intervals, mixed intervals, over-unders, ramps, etc. I don’t know if it’s completely random or if there’s some bias.