When do new bikes typically get released?

In particular, Cannondale system six? I know Giants is around October, are they all roughly the same time?

The traditional calendar release schedule has pretty much been blown up…between the death of trade shows, the lack of participation by the major players in them, supplier-specific Dealer Meetings and COVID, suppliers pretty much now just release bikes when they want / need to.

You may get some idea of new bikes this week since Eurobike is going on, but I don’t know if Cannondale is attending.

Dunno if the System Six is due for an update now or not…the current version was released 2 years ago (or was it 3)?

Ah okay, I test rode one on Saturday and loved it! the issue was, it was a 7k bike and they had managed to chip the paint from where the crank sits. I wasn’t prepared to pay 7k for an already damaged bike so thought I’d wait for the new ones to be released

Often for the Tour de France. The current Systemsix was released in 2018 so if they’re going to continue to produce a Systemsix I would think it should be due an update this year. That said they’ve only recently released an updated Supersix which claims to be almost as aero as the Systemsix while also being lighter, more compliant, etc. So it’s possible they might follow what Specialized did with the Tarmac and Venge and just produce one all round bike that aims to be good at everything instead of having an aero bike and a lightweight bike.

The tour is coming, usually various new road bikes around that time every year.

Could be wrong - but I think they are closer to retiring the system six than revisiting it. Maybe new colors this year, but I’m not expecting an update

Just as a clarification…new bikes are often / usually “revealed” at the Tour, but they are rarely available at the same time. It is usually months later that they are “released” and can be purchased.

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Ah that’s gutting, I do love an aero bike, they just look fast!