Wheelset for my System Six

Hey folks, recently got myself a Cannondale System Six Hi Mod and I’m just wanting to put an order in for some wheels. I think I’ve narrowed it down to either DT Swiss 1400 ARC 62 front and 80 rear OR a pair of Hologram R-SL 64

Can anyone help me in choosing please as I’m a bit torn. With it being an aero bike, should I go with the DT Swiss as they’re deeper or should I go with the Hollowgrams?


62/80 is pretty deep unless you’re doing high speed crits or TT or something. 50/60 is a really good depth for everyday group riding - you get all the meaningful gains to be had with an aero wheelset plus your friends won’t yell at you for swerving when you hit a crosswind lol

That’s a good point, never thought of it like that ha. I did a search on Hollowgram wheels but couldn’t see anything for the R-SL 64’s

A a systemsix Hi-Mod owner myself (currently for sale) it’s worth noting the system part of the name includes all parts dialled in and tested together, so you can be confident the knots are best fit. That thing really flies once you’ve got it going. That said, the wheels are quite weighty (and the cockpit crazy heavy) so if you don’t mind mixing and matching a bit, you can easily get a systemsix down to 7.5kg.

If I was doing a swap out on mine, I’d be getting an EXS Aerover cockpit and craft racing wheels 50/55mm.


I’ve got a Systemsix Hi Mod including the Hollowgram Knot 64 wheels. I love the wheels. They feel so fast and are surprisingly stable even in high winds. I swap the front to a 45mm (from my SuperSix) if it is really windy but you’ll generally find the 64 absolutely fine. I use those wheels in crits and road races.

I agree on swapping out the cockpit. I’ve changed mine to a Deda one which is much lighter and you can get an adaptor so it still sits flush with the cable routing into the head tube.

I have a set of these (rim brake version) as my “fun” wheels for my road bike. I use Zipp 303FCs as my daily driver. I quite like the DTs. Your ability to handle them in all conditions will depend on your experience with deep sectioned wheels and your weight. The Hollowgrams are probably better for all-comers.