New rims for Triathlon bike

Hey community!

Starting my planning now for my offseason here in Australia which will be in about 2 months. I review my seasons thoroughly and one category I analyse is getting better equipment.

There will be a few upgrades and changes to bike during offseason and one aspect will be a wheel upgrade. My bike is a 2013 Giant Trinity Advanced SL0 and current rims (that came with the bike) are Zipp Firecrest 404 carbon clinchers. These rims will stay in my collection and used in a multiple of ways including for races that officials deem rims to be under 60mm deep, or used as my outdoor training rims, or used on my road bike.

So I’m putting out to the forum, I need some persuasion because I like both options and would be happy with either…I’m just struggling to decide on my own. Also like to add that I’ll also be getting a disc wheel too for the rear, giving me further options.

Option A - Zipp Firecrest 858 NSW + Super 9 Disc

Option B - Enve SES 7.8 + SES Disc

Price for the Enve’s I think is a little cheaper but price won’t factor into it.

Would love to hear from people with any first hand experience, or knowledge or data sheets or whatever! Cheers

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No experience here, but commenting to bump your post back up :slight_smile:

Haha thanks mate! Not feeling the love, am I?? Pretty silly thread I know, but thought there might be someone a little interested.

It’s not a silly thread. Probably not a large sample size is all. I currently use the 7.8SES and with a Hed Disc when in full TT mode. I have experience with the 808 Firecrest previous to the 7.8’s. I don’t think the Firecrest is the same wheel as the NSW so probably nothing useful. FWIW I felt the ENVE rolled faster, handled cross winds better and the DT Swiss hubs compared to the Zipp was a no brainer for me. Again this was against the Firecrest…

Nah I appreciate your reply thanks. That’s all I was after, feeling as though the enves were faster and the dt Swiss hub choice. Yep the NSWs are different to the Firecrest, they’re made for crosswinds. So all in all you’re happy with your enves? Is there a reason you got the HED disc and not the Enve, or you already had that disc?

Yes very happy and have zero complaints with the 7.8’s. I’ve heard good things about the NSW’s though so I’d try and get some better feedback. Maybe ask on Slowtwitch forums? Many aero high end junkies over there. Check it out…

I went with the HED Jet+ due to cost mainly as I only do a few flat TT’s each year. The shape of the disc yielded extremely good results compared to discs 2x the cost. Also the plus was one of the wider internals and at the time that’s what I thought was going to be fastest.

The upgrade you are making is prob worth less than 10s over a 40k.

If price is no option I would just get the Zipp disc for the rear and use that along with the 404 you already have.

If you want the same speed for about $100, then slap a cover on your rear 404.