Help with wheel choice

Hello to everyone, first post here.
I’ve been riding Giant Defy for as few years now and I’m considering the wheel upgrade.
Currently riding Giant SLR 1 carbon wheels - 30mm deep, 23mm wide (17mm internal), with tubeless 28mm tires - overall decent set of wheels.
Usual rides are 50-100kms with dome decent climbing sessions.
Was very close on pulling the trigger on Zipp 303s (was also contemplating the 303FC - but price differential seems a bit steep for my type of riding) . Decent weight, 45mm deep, modern 27/23 width, not huge fan of hookless and hubs spec, lifetime warranty looks good.
Then I came across the DT Swiss wheel set ERC1400 at similar price point - I do like the DT Swiss as a brand, I’ve been using their wheels before. Marketed as a endurance wheels, 47mm deep, DT240 hubs, interesting 27/19 width, not being hookless. Warranty only 2Y though.

Any comments, suggestions, especially real-life experience are more than welcome.
Many thanks

New bling is always nice but

So what is wrong with them?

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Absolutely nothing :grin: who know might stick with them

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If you have some climbing and can run the tires you want, the 30s seem fine to me. Don’t know why you’d pay that much to upgrade for very little performance difference, especially if not racing. Both sets you’re looking at are slightly heavier and give you 15-17mm additional depth.

That said, 45mm is a good all rounder, but that’s a lot of money to spend for a marginal upgrade. You’re already running 28s, your current rims are lighter… not worth the money IMO.

Save up for a proper upgrade, again IMO.