Cannondale Hollowgramm SI Carbon Clincher

Hey There,

i have a Super nerdy question:
i recently got myself the 2018 Cannondale SupersixEvo for 50% Discount. With the Bike came Cannondales own Hollowgram Carbon Clincher with 35mm depth. They have a 17mm inner rim width, and a 23mm outer rim witdth. The front wheel weighs 690 gramm, combined they weigh about 1560gramms. The spokes are round.

I also have a tubular wheelset wich is super leight, about 500 gramms lighter than the Cannondale Clincher, aero spokes and 38mm deep. So my question is:

Should i stick with the tubular wheelset? Or should i use the clincher wheelset?

I´ve heard that tubular tyres have a higher rolling resistance, and they sure are a pain to Change when flat. But because of the weight of the Clincher Wheelset, combined with the round spokes, i don´t really know what will be faster.

I mostly race flat Crits, but also like to compete in Hillclimbs and timetrials when there are any.

I tryed to sell thee clincher wheelset, but no one seems to want them…

Thanks in Advance!

I trained on tubulars for awhile because they were super light older Zipp 404s at about 1200g for the pair. Got a few flats on long rides and sold them promptly. If you enjoy using the tubulars I’d use those for the hill climbs and clinchers for everything else. There are some reliable sellers on Ebay that have pretty good deals on used sets. happy riding!

Just keep both sets @SammyB? Race with the tubulars, clinchers for training. That’s what I do and most people who have tubulars. I have some bontrager aelous 5s that are super light and aero which are used for races only. I use those wheels for hill climbs, TTs, crits, and road races. Never on a training ride or group ride. Those are what my training wheels are for.

Or sell your tubulars on eBay - get a smidge of what you paid for back and get some Easton ec90 tubeless. Boom.