Wheelset compatibility. Scott Foil 2023 to Scott Addict 2023


I am looking to purchase a take off Syncros Capital 50 from their 2023 Scott Foil. The scec sheet/user manual for the Foil with axle dimensions of 100mm and 142mm. I can’t find a model specific manual for the Addict 20, but my axles have 126mm and 168.7mm printed. The brief specs listed on scotts site are also different, but I am not sure what ## Front/## Rear means.

Is this wheelset compatible?

I think that is referring to spokes. In addition, It’s unlikely the wheels are not compatible. Road disc is pretty standard now.

But you could call a local Scott dealer to make sure.

The numbers on your axles are the actual length of those axles. Different frames use different axles.

Your wheels however will be standard with 100 and 142 hubs.

The front/rear numbers on your chart are just the number of spokes which won’t affect compatability.

You’ll be able to use your wheels with no issue.

I ended up picking them up and they indeed fit. These are some plushy boyes.