Wheels for Mallorca

Hi there - long time lurker, first time I can remember posting!

I’m doing some fast group rides in Mallorca in a few weeks featuring digs at generally 10-30min climbs with moderate 6-8% gradients, but with many long flat stretches too.

My Madone with disc brakes and Aeolus Pro5 wheels is heavy, but so am I at 85kg.

I’d like to hold my own on the uphill efforts (or at least shave a minute or two off my PBs) without sacrificing too much on the flat.

I can get a good deal on Zipp 303 and 404 Firecrest wheels - which would you go for? The 303 is marginally lighter and less aero than the 404 and can be used as an all rounder wheel back at home, the 404 is more aero and lighter and flashier than existing wheels but heavier than 303… or anything else I’m missing? What would you do?

Take low wheels because on Mallorca you can get strong wind from the see in the decent (along port soller etc) the coastway in tramontana (westside).

Heavy wheels will never cost you minutes on 10-30min climbs… maybe a couple sec, but you are crazy to buy new wheels for that. Its better to loose some kg’s if you have >10% fat.

I’d focus more on your gearing, if you think you’ll struggle to keep up when the road goes up.

What are you running for a rear cassette? Personally, I’d recommend a 28 as a minimum, maybe a 30-11. Having a 30-11 at the back and a 52 up front , I can only think of a handful of instances where I’ve thought another gear might be nice.

In terms of wheels, I’ve never struggled to get my Propel, running 65mm and 45mm wheels up and down anything on the island.

Hopefully you’ll have a great trip and the weather will be kind.

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I would just take my current bike and enjoy my time on the island.

Like some others have said, there are things way way more important on Mallorca.

Of course this depends on which climb, some like Orient have really bad tarmac etc.

  • Its windy on Mallorca, I like riding around 30mm there.
  • We are talking seconds gained or lost due to wheel weight, not worth it if you have nice wheels today
  • Gearing is more important, I like to run compact with 11-34 so I can ride Z1-2 in the mountains
  • Save your money and invest in an aero helmet instead :slight_smile:
  • You’d probably save more watts with narrower handlebars, good sitting jerseys, overshoes.
  • You’re on a Madone, new wheels aint gonna make the Escalade go faster upp the mountain :wink:

Go out there and enjoy, don’t forget to ride to Andratx and to visit Sa Ruta Verda cafe at the bottom of Sa Batalla!

Sa Mola 13 is also a must go for bike café!

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and dont forget to ride to Cap Formentor!

Thanks guys, hearing you loud and clear. I’m ok on gearing (I know I need more - five 100km+ days Alps on 39x30 was good training!) and Mallorca tips (I’ve been annually for 10ish yrs) but was curious what the hive mind would say about wheels. Feedback that I need not worry about 200-300g rotating mass appreciated by me and the bank manager!