Wheel Comparison: Hunt 30 vs. Cantu Rova

Hi there. I’m looking for some input on a new set of wheels for my gravel bike. The main reason I want new wheels is to shed some weight and go faster (acceleration, up hills, etc.). Also, I just want them. I’m currently running the stock wheels that came with my 2018 Checkpoint SL5, so I feel there is room for improvement.

I am comparing the Hunt 30s to the Cantu Rovas. Both are carbon, well-reviewed, and within my price range. The Cantu’s are more expensive, but they are US-based so I won’t have to pay the import duty. I imagine that this will also help if I need to contact customer service. The Hunts are about 100g lighter for the set.

Does anyone have any experience with these wheels, or recommend other wheels that I should be considering?


I can’t offer much except to say that I know a few members of another forum who were disappointed with the “actual” weights of the Hunts. I.e. they were heavier than advertised.

That could be the same for the Cantus, I’ve never heard of them, but something to be mindful of. 100g difference could easily disappear

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Good to know. Thanks for the tip!

I just put Santa Cruz Reserves on my gravel bike. With DT 350s and in 650b, they are 1360g in 650b actual weight (less than 1400g for 700). Super light, durable, lifetime warranty, and got for <$1500 shipped. Not aero.

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Awesome, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check those out. Not too worried about aero on my gravel bike.

I’d go with the Cantu’s. Not heard of that brand but the Hunt hubs are a bit naff. Whilst their customer service has always been good, it’ll probably be really convoluted to sort anything in the US.

I’ve been pretty happy with my Cantu Rebels on my cross bike and M930’s on my mountain bike. I was coming from aluminum wheel sets on both bikes and these were my first foray into carbon wheels. I’m no expert, but they’re really fast and I’ve had zero issues.

Full disclosure, I’m friends with the owners, John and Venny, but more because they’re both very active in the Texas biking/racing community and we run into each other a lot than because we’re besties or something. I wouldn’t have spent the money on a second set for my mountain bike if I didn’t like the first set. I’m currently one of their ambassadors too and honestly I wish I had the money for the Rovas for my gravel bike.

Cool, thanks for that insight.

Good to know, thanks. This is my first foray into carbon wheels as well. I read some good reviews about Cantu online, and the price seems reasonable to me. Especially when Zipp and Enve are charging around $3,000 for their gravel wheels.

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To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. I suppose I am just following the group-think mentality. I keep hearing that carbon is better, so that’s where I started my search. Other people may be more informed than I am. I’ll check out the wheels you suggested. At the end of the day, I just want the best wheels I can get on my budget. Thanks for the suggestion.