Anyone have experience with Hunt wheels?

Specifically the 4 Season gravel. HUNT 4 Season Gravel Wheelset – Hunt Bike Wheels

Just got a pair. Haven’t ridden them yet but they arrived promptly, seemed true out of the box and look great. Came out a bit heavier (~80 grams) than advertised on my scale - could be the scale, could be axle choice (12mm through).

Yes, I do. Own the mentioned wheelset for training and a carbon set for racing.

On my carbon set spokes came loose. Permanently which means the build quality must have been really bad. Contacted HUNT. I believe the blokes there are genuinely nice and stand behind their products. They gave me a new wheelset. However, the entire process of contacting them and managing the exchange took weeks. They are slow. They only responded to emails every 24 or 48 hours. Calling them was not always possible since no one anwsered. Left a sort of chaotic/not well organised impression with me. If this how their QA works as well I’m not surprised about the build quality of my one problem wheelset.

However, would probably buy another one. So far I just tell myself that I was unlucky with the one wheelset.

I have 2 sets of Hunt wheels, an Aero30 set for my disc road bike, and a 4Season aluminum set for my canti brake CX bike.

My experience with Hunt has been very good. I had an issue with the rotor centrelock lockring and within 24hrs they sent me a new set of lockrings. Outside of this, the wheels have been extremely reliable and great to ride.

My only quirk is that neither the Aero30s or the 4Seasons can seat tubeless a 33mm Panaracer Gravelking Tire. I work in a shop and despite all tricks and efforts, we have found it impossible to seat these tires. It’s amazing. I’ve happily mounted Hutchinson Sector 28s, Schwalbe Pro One 28s, and Specialized Tracer Pro 33s without issue. Just an oddity with the Panaracers, I guess.

I bought the Gravel Four Seasons for my winter bike (the 115kg versions) as I wanted something bombproof for trouble free winter miles. Only prob was that the rear rim cracked when a spoke broke after a couple of weeks. Hunt were great and sent a replacement rim with no quibbles. The rims are lighter than the DT Swiss hoops that came with my Canyon Endurace so performance was better. So far they have gone through a second winter without any further issues.

Thanks everyone for the response. It seems all in all they are pretty good. I am debating between these and the new Mavic Allroad’s. I’m sure the Allroad’s are better just wonder if they are twice+ the cost better?

Had a pair of gravels for nearly 18 months. Used for Paris Roubaix cyclo and loads of off road stuff. No issues at all.

Seems to be very polar experiences

This is quite the assumption. Why on earth would they be “better”? Because Mavic’s a big name wheel manufacturer? uhmm. I’d rethink this stance, particularly on wheels. My 2 cents.

Ended up going with the Hunt’s. Should be here in a couple weeks. Have to say their customer service is second to none and the price point is pretty awesome. Even though I do have experience with Mavic, that’s what I ride MTB, I’m looking forward to the Hunt’s.

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Sorry I didn’t see this thread earlier . . .

I have two sets of Hunt wheels and I’m really, really happy with them. I found their customer service to be a bit lacking, but I was an early adopter and maybe they’ve ironed everything out.

I have a set of Carbon Gravel wheels which I race on, and a set of the 4 season disc (aluminum) – can only say good things about the performance.

I have a set of Industry 9 wheels on my dedicated road machine, and they are definitely a step up – but also 2x the price of the Hunt carbon.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Hunt again. Let me know how they work.

In other news – are you from Traverse City? Do you race/ride up there?

Got exactly the wheels mentioned.

I raced cross on them all last year.

They set up tubeless really easily and the provided rim tape was solid. It’s nice that they send valves as well although I used my own Stans instead. (they also provide extra spokes, and disc adaptors)

Not a lot to say about them really. They’ve performed as expected. They’re certainly lighter than my stock wheelset which is nice.

So far they’ve stayed true despite some pretty solid impacts. I’ve certainly got no complaints. Hunt were good about helping me decide which wheels to go with.

Haven’t needed any after purchase support, so I can’t speak to that.



Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to getting them and trying them out.
I am in Traverse City. How about yourself?

I live in Chicago, but I’m up in Traverse area in the summer and race the Cherry Roubaix and thinking about Iceman next year…do you do those races?

You should absolutely do Iceman. It’s a blast. I don’t do Cherry but will do Barry Roubaix down Grand Rapids area in April to kick off the season. Usually do more MTB races but am adding a few more gravel ones to the mix this year. Follow me on Strava, Jeff Socia, and look me up when you are up here. Always up for a ride.

It seems they have upgraded the 4 seasons wheelset

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Had a bit of a rough time with Hunt this year. They worked hard to resolve each problem, and I ended up with a full refund for their wheels, but I did lose a lot of riding time and am still out of pocket overall.

Feb ordered MTB wheels for delivery later that week. Got the wheels about a month later meaning I missed the XCO race I was targetting. Lots of apologies from Hunt and assurance if ordered in the future they would make things right. Am actually pretty happy with weight and performance of the wheels (XC wide) but they haven’t had huge amounts of use.

Beginning of summer have clicking noise from 5 year old DT Swiss rims just before go away with bike. Given age and wear I order Hunt 4 seasons as they are in stock and they got delivered that week. Rims arrive with damage around outside of rim, like they have been dropped. Frantically bodge the DT Swiss bearings and take away.
Get back from holiday and Hunt offer me an upgrade to 3650 carbon wheels (at a reduced total price, me making up most of the difference). Had to buy
25mm tyres, as the extra width makes existing 28s 31mm and leaves very little frame clearance.
Arrive quickly but on first ride rear wheel braking is grabby and can feel a vibration. Reseat tyre, try again, tyre clearly wobbling, rim doesn’t look out of true by eye so buy another new tyre, fit and have same problems.

On very close measurement the rim is out of true by ~0.5mm by the valve hole, also the rim by the valve hole is slightly wider than elsewhere on rim (unable to measure, no calipers but visible to naked eye), and the inside of the bead hook also bulges inwards (appears to be a lot more than the 0.5mm (used the end of a cable tie on inside of spinning rim, but again cannot measure).

The three of these make the tyre move a few mm from side/side and up/down, causing all sorts of weird sensations at various speeds. The wheel being out of true alone makes the braking inconsistent as pad grabs and releases either side of the wheel.

Hunt offered to have them trued but what looked like a mild deformation was enough for me to send them back and instead buy another set of DT Swiss wheels (which aren’t always without their own problems!). I also replaced the bearings in my old DT Swiss rims for under £20.

I am out of pocket a few sets of tubes, the 25mm tyres I didn’t need (although can use on another bike) and another 25mm tyre to replace the one that appeared not to be round, but as said at the top it was the missed riding time that annoyed me most.

Hunt did all the right things, as others have said they were sometimes hard to get hold of, but had I not been UK based I am unsure how that all would have played out with the return. I haven’t ruled out using them again in the future as have obviously been unlucky, but my faith in their product is reduced.

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I ordered a set of race light wheels they were speced with the wrong rear hub. After trying a different freehub they send out a set of aero wide wheels instead. Bearing tolerance is meh the newer set felt loose but the hubs are tool less so you cant even tighten things up. First week just riding in the group a small rock got kicked up by another rider and dinged my rim. Just today I was riding, hit a rock and bend the bead on the rim and bowed out the rim wall. I’m 147lb, tires 25c, were at 85 and 95. I made it home but I’m almost 100% certain there just kinlin xr31t with pillar spokes and they’re hubs. Extreme frustration dealing with these guys even though there really trying. I’ve spent more than $400 worth of time dealing with these guys.

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Just came across this article:

Read a long discussion about this on a UK TT forum. I think it broke into 50% saying how proactive Hunt were and the other 50% were saying it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Maybe Wahoo should have taken the same approach of a recall with the 2018 Kickr.

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Well, I just rolled the dice on a different set of wheels from them a couple of days ago, just the deposit. Crossing my fingers.