Hunt 34 Aero Wide disc

Hi everyone,

I’ll be buying an new gravel bike (devinci hatchet carbon) and as this will be one bike for road/gravel/commuting (no N+1 for me unfortunately). I’m planning to keep the stock wheels (Shimano WH-RS370) which should be good enough for gravel/commuting as they are fairly strong and I’m not too concerned about the weight for my intended usage.

I’m looking at buying a new set of wheels for the road and I pretty set on the Hunt 34 aero wide disc, which seems to ticking all the box. I’m curious if anyone has ridden them and would recommend?

I’m open to any other wheels suggestion if they have these specs:

  • around 1.6kg
    -price should be around 1000$ Canadian dollar - so around 600-700 USD
    -at least 21mm inner width
    -at least 34mm rim height - some aero properties
    -tubeless ready
    -12mm tru-axle compatible (142mmx12mm rear spacing)

Thanks in advance for your input!


This is like having no dropper on a MTB. You can still ride everywhere, it’s a pain in the a*** at times, but still good fun 'cos you’re on two wheels :joy:

Funny you say that because I do not have a dropper post on my Scott Spark RC xc race bike!!! I had a dropper for a few weeks and I had to constantly remind myself to use it and ended up removing it completely. And for anyone with a Scott bike, there’s already enough clutter on the bar with the front/rear lockout lever I didn’t need another lever…

I’d recommend Hunt. For the money I’ve been very pleased with their product and service.
I bought a 4 season disc wheelset and put them through a very tough, wet winter. By spring the freehub and bearings were less than perfect but for £25 freehub and £14 bearings and using only a hammer, drift, socket and hex keys, I’d refreshed them in less than half an hour. This is what I want from a wheelset. Nothing fancy, just well priced, simple engineering.
I’ve bought a second set for my cx bike now.

I’d have a look at light bicycles wheels.
Very good reviews, and for the price, hard to beat.
Took ages to receive my pair, but i’m quite happy with them so far.

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I guess there’s something about keeping an XC lean - kinda makes it feel faster somehow :thinking: . Lycra and simplicity for XC/road, baggy shorts and droppers for everything else!