What's your 'easing back in' workout?

I’ve been off-plan for a couple of months now and gearing up to get back into SSB1. Before I start ramp-testing or doing any actual tough workouts I want to do a bit of a system check to remind myself about what this indoor training stuff involves.

So… does anyone have a workout they like to do after a bit of time off? Ideally one that’s not super tough but still has some work in there to test out the legs

Ramp test and then Baxter -1.

That tells me where I am and where to set my ftp then gives me an hour of easy peddling to get everything loose and used to going in circles again.


Give Truuli Peak a go. A mix of short, hard work with more sustained work at lower levels. Self-select your power target by feel, since you don’t have a recent ftp assessment. For this reason I’d avoid workouts that seek to put you right at threshold or just below it.

I also really like Sleeping Beauty. Five sets of 5x30 second harder efforts. A solid workout but manageable even if your trainer is a bit dusty.


Something with 30x30s, maybe Gendarme

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just get the legs back under you and the motor running…I give my athletes this below; no power goals so that there’s zero chance of failure or nerves getting back into it. Plus, we have no idea how the body will respond! Have a great ride!

No major structure today, but get body moving after rest week.

*4-5, short hard efforts, around 30-60s. *
10m of 100% FTP (this might suck and not be feasible, just depends how your body reacts…don’t worry if you aren’t crushing it).
Cruise at the high end of endurance for the remainder of the ride.

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mount field

its the easy end of sweet spot.

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Last weekend I started back with Baxter -2 and an hour on Zwift at an IF of 0.72 with a few sprints thrown in.

This week I did a straight continuously hour at about 72% of threshold and a 3 by 5 minutes at 100%, 104% and 106% of threshold.

Today I’m doing baxter and tomorrow is black.

I would have gone into SSBLV1 next week but I have commitments next weekend so will probably repeat this week.

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Not a workout, but with such an early start I kicked things off with traditional base 1 (with extra week) and now in middle of TB2 with some longer outside rides. Originally was thinking of doing TB3, but seeing good aerobic numbers and may start SSB1 next. Those long inside rides of TB3 are simply too long for my life and rear end.

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Petit. That’s what I do when I need to fill in something when I’ll or coming back from an unscheduled break or riding through an illness. There’s a version with 30 sec sprints that I like as well. Just depends.

Depending on the reason needed for easing back in it’s either pettit, slide mountain or mount field

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I did Black to easy myself back in. Easy endurance I told myself. Never has endurance seemed so tough.

#dontlistentome :rofl::+1:

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Ramp test is good, I’ve done that on back to back days before to get a ‘hard but not too hard’ workout. Also Truuli has some good work in a reasonable format.

If I were trying to jumpstart myself over two days, I would probably do Truuli and then something like Andrews (steady endurance ride).

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Thanks for the suggestions all! I think Truuli will fit my needs nicely.

I might also think about a bit of TB before heading into SSB just for a bit of variety!