What's your "19 Minute Song"?

Wilderrun is a great band. I really love the 4 Ash memory songs from the second album. and then Spotify told me that maybe I will like Lör, and they are great as well :slight_smile:
I took the question to literal :smiley:

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Just started listening to Lör! So glad you told me about them! :metal:

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This time round it’s going to be “Faster” by Manic Street Preachers starting around 18m in.


Other times its been Richard III by Supergrass, Shrimp Shack by Viagra Boys or Prove It All Night by Bruce Springsteen

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Extra “likes” for those posting a link. Makes sampling so easy :slight_smile:

I’m throwing this on tomorrow at 19:00. By 19:30 hopefully I’m on a new level

Oh boy. I listened to that at mid volume and couldn’t understand the motivation.
Turned things up to ear damage territory and got the motivational vibe. ( Not that I rate most of the artists).

Today I tried this.

Start at 15:15.

Play this on the screen in front of you with no sound.

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I actually am more of a metal guy but like you I turned it up to a new level and yeah, it worked pretty well as I set a bunch of PR’s. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to music. A lot of the stuff above I wouldn’t chose on my own but I can relate and there are a few gems I’ve added to my FTP playlist. I get it though, different songs hit everyone a little different.

I do the same as you as well but I usually use a NoCal cycling full race video next to the TR ramp test :slight_smile:


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This for the win. Your request is perfect for this thread.

I’m a big fan of trying out new music. I’m getting older every year and still love exploring new trends.
I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

ASAP Rocky. Not a bad MC. The others are woeful! I can’t do the poor MC skills and auto tuned voices.

More posts of pumped up tracks to get the juices flowing please!

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Short but sweet…

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