What's this tyre sidewall "slash" mark (almost new tyre)?

Any ideas what this is / caused by?

This is an almost brand new (couple of hundred kms only) Panaracer GravelKing Slick tyre, that I use on my road-bike as a winter tyre (no off-roading or gravel!). There’s no adjacent mark on the wheel rim to indicate that road debris has caused this tyre “slash” mark.

Is it a manufacturing fault?

From what I can tell after scraping my thumbnail over/along it, rather than the “slash” mark being a cut in the tyre, the rubber appears to be missing from the threaded casing, which sits somewhat proud, just along that visible line. But not really sure to be honest :person_shrugging:!

Would you ride with that?

Looks dangerous, I’d just get a new bike to be safe.


Definitely seems like a potential failure point.

If you can’t get a replacement tyre, then I have to agree with MI-XC, you’ll have to get a new bike. I think it ought be a MTB so that you get at least twice as much rubber.

In all seriousness, I’d warranty it. Or at least contact the company and send them pictures, it looks like it could easily be manufacturer process. Either way, I wouldn’t trust it and you won’t get it replaced by riding it more and waiting for it to fail (with other cuts or wear on it)

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Definitively a manufacturing fault: extending the line of the angled slash mark around to the other side of the tyre, there’s a much, much fainter but equivalent mark appearing there.

Many thanks for all the help.

Yup, I concur, it is most likely a manufacturing defect. It runs perfectly parallel the fiber and runs all the way through. On the other hand, your wear mark antennae are still intact. So warranty it now to get a new tire.