Why is my tyre doing this?

Got a very small puncture on this tyre after about 200 miles use and then I noticed this today…

What is it, what causes it and has the tyre had it?

Its a Scwalbe pro 1 tubeless 25mm

It looks melted like your rode over 200 degree asphalt on a 120 degree day in Phoenix. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that is is defective though maybe harmless.

Sock height looks good.


ha, is it just a coincidence then that its around the area where I had a thorn go through?

don’t be fooled, it my wide angled lens making them look extra long haha

Any hints from your weight, tire pressure, riding surface(s), power levels, road pitch and such?

That looks a bit like high force loading and abrasion to me, akin to overloading grippy rubber on a racy car tire during hard track driving.

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weight 79kg, tyre pressure 85psi on 17mm internal tyres. riding surface I would say would be pure tarmac. Power, I’m only averaging 250w on 40mile ish rides

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That all seems to align and is reasonable to me. Purely anecdotal, I have seen and heard that Schwalbe tend to grip well but wear fast. But what you have there seems excessive to me though. Could be worth contacting Schwalbe support to see if they can tell you anything.

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I shall do that right away, I reckon taking a guess that the tyres done more like 300 than 200 but that’s still low miles isn’t it. the front is the same tyre running lower pressure (80psi) and that’s fine. strange

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That really looks like the rubber is overheating, bizarre… I would contact Schwalbe. Could be harmless, but I personally wouldn’t ride them if the rubber is rolling over itself like that.


Maybe you rode through something nasty that sort of dissolved the surface of the rubber?

Do you by chance live in an acid factory?


I’ve contacted them so no doubt I’ll hear from them on Monday. No I don’t live near and acid factory and it would of affected the front tyre too. Wheelies aren’t my thing haha

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I had something like that on a brand new tyre after making a mess with sealant and not cleaning it off.

I shall report back once they respond and let you all know what they say