Chipped carbon wheel on trainer


The chip Itself appears to be cosmetic but I’m worried about the stress line under it. Since these are disc brake rims do I have anything to worry about?

I believe it was caused by running under inflated tyre - an expensive mistake to make I’m guessing

Yeah, no way I would risk riding on that outdoors.

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Are you saying you damaged it on the trainer, or you want to use it on the trainer?

What happened to that tire? Is that a bald spot or the tread pattern?

It looks like a gp5000 to me. So just the tread pattern.

If you can see that the chip is just the clear coat and that there are no cracks in the carbon then I might say it’s okay. Especially if this is just from accidentally hitting the trainer. I doubt you could do that hard enough to break the rim and not realize how hard you hit it.