What's the most you've spent on a bike?

I generally buy bikes used because there are always excellent, very-low-miles bikes where somebody else took the depreciation hit for whatever reason.

The most I have ever spent was on my current road bike - 2016 Wilier GTR SL with Ultegra 6800.

I paid $1,600 from the Pro’s Closet consignment. I don’t think the bike ever saw a real road. Was spotless and way below $3,500 MSRP.


To date, the most I’ve spent on a complete bike is $4200 usd on a Santa Cruz Blur. I wanted a different build kit, but they were unavailable at the time. The lbs I race for gives us team discounts, so that helped tremendously. Of course, the money I saved is being spent on upgrades as I go along to get to the build kit I originally wanted.

I did £1,600 on my KTM Revelator and £2000 on its replacement a Scultura Disc. (The KTM was the better bike)

I can’t divulge this information as my Ex Wife attorney may find it :joy::joy: While things were nutty (they have since cooled down and we are finalized) she said “you know I own half of each one of your bikes”

Basically I traded all the furniture in the house (short of a Futon and Couch) for three bikes… PRIORITIES!!

I can honestly say that they kept me sane and were the best therapy ever, its all over now and I landed on my feet quite well! Thank you Tarmac, Super X and Stumpjumper!


$1500 (CAD). I buy used, maintain myself, upgrade slowly, and keep forever. I joke with my wife that I only buy a bike every 15 years, but I keep them all. My n-2 is a French steel frame now serving as a fixie, n-1 is permanently on the trainer, and current road bike (most expensive ever) is in the middle of its expected 15 years of service.

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I dont want to say a number because it’s horrible… but I work in a bike shop so it seems really easy to justify it all.

As an attorney (and this is non-legal commentary), you got the better deal :joy::joy:


I did have to provide Bicycle Blue Book information on the bikes :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I held off on purchasing the Zipp 404’s until after things were final (per my attorney’s recommendation). “so mrs attorney, would it be bad to upgrade my wheels to deep dish carbons now or should I wait” – that was a $ 100 question I think! She was kind of confused to say the least!

~$6,000 for Cannondale SuperSix in 2008. I guess closer to $7,500 after the Mavic OpenPro wheelset with PowerTap hub. I doubt I’ll ever top that since I got married in 2011. :rofl: But at least I’m still riding the same bike today! Here on out, I’ll probably go used or at least “old” for any further high end bike frame purchases. That was reinforced when I looked at the prices for a Tarmac over the weekend… holy sh…

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I’ve never bought a bike of any sort. Plenty of components though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I rely on over-spending, under-riding people who either fall temporarily into a cycling fad, or don’t know that chains, chainrings and cassettes need replacement after a while and assume the bike is shot because the drivetrain is getting noisy. You want to buy their bikes.


6500 to build my allez sprint.

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If this is true that seems kinda scumbaggy to me. Dude needs to sell his house in a hurry and you take his bike to boot? Maybe there’s more to the story-unable to ride anymore etc, but face value seems like a little bit of a not cool move.

Nawh… He rode for the local bike store’s club team and already had a newer/fancier bike. I wouldn’t have taken away a person’s only bike. I’m not an animal.

But he was asking for a lot and was anchored on his price. At the end of the day, I said that if I was going to pay the price he needed, he had to throw in [list of stuff, including bike]. Pretty typical house negotiation stuff, and he could have said no. He was a motivated seller and I was a not-super-motivated buyer. Worked out well for both of us in the end.


About $3500 invested to build a 2001 Colnago CT1 w/ Campy Record (ordered frame and groupset from the UK when the exchange rate was good); $2400 for used Specialized Shiv with Zipp 404s; currently building up a 2000 Colnago Tecnos (steel frame) w/ Campy Record (combo of Ebay and Chain Reaction Cycles parts on sale), will probably come to ~$2500; $1200 for a Trek Chronus CX bike (Facebook market place). 18 months ago all I had was the CT1. Then I found out Ebay and facebook both had bike sales. I kind of regret that…nah. Just kidding. Screw it, I’m single and I love my bikes.

$4,300 new for my Canyon Endurace 8.0 Di2 Disc. But between my wife and I we have:
2 MTB’s Scott Spark’s
2 Road Bikes Di2
2 Geared Di2 CX bikes
1 Custom Mosaic Single Speed CX bike
2 China Carbon Fat Bikes
2 Old cheap bikes on the trainers permanently
1 1980’s Bianchi made into a fixed gear
1 Giant Hard Tail we need to sell
13 Total… Decent amount of maintenance for me…

And we don’t have kids won’t so we invest in things we like to do. And we ride every one of these bikes except the Bianchi.

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Haha… I think that joke might get lost on those not in the US. But for lots of references see here.


This is going to be painful for all the C̨̼̱è̵͚̬͖̠̜͡r̨͚̜̖̥̗̥͟͡ͅv̩̼e͉̖̭̙̳̗̱͖ͅl͘҉̗̤̠͖ͅo̥̖͍͍̟ owners.

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Me too. Works great same gear range just 3 less gears in the middle. Tiagra has hydraulic discs though so, that may be as far as I upgrade.

I must say, these figures are a lot lower than I expected.

Nate has a what, $4k CX bike, a $8k s-works Epic, the venge etc … I figured there’d be many $6-10k bikes listed.

I think I’ve spent about $3k on my road bike with the upgrades ($800 frame, then did DA7800 with CK wheels before going 6800 and Ksyriums, and saddles, bars etc … )
Spent $3k on a mtb, $2k on a fixie and then a whole heap of other bikes over the years. Down to the nice fixie and the $3k road bike now. Probably drop to just road + gravel/bikepacking/adventure/cx multipurpose bike next, and there’s a great chance it’ll be used.