What's the best way to extend an outside ride so that adaptive training can make use of the data?

Let’s say I have a 3x12min sweet spot workout, and I’d like to do it at the beginning of a 4hr outside ride. What’s the best way to do this so that adaptive training can make use of all the data collected?

Likely best to schedule your main workout using the outside workout function. Then I’d also set a second outside workout as Endurance for the longer continued part of your ride.

  1. Complete the first workout as planned outside.
  2. Then load the second workout as a new one while on your ride.

It may also require a stop/start ride function between the two, so TR will receive two separate files that allow matching between the 2 separate workouts.

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TR can’t tell that you did a work out outside. It is just the honor system. Do the workout, upload, and rate your effort.

Unfortunately, I get credit for my Z1/2 commute to work and AI hasn’t figured out how NOT to give me credit for it.

Sorry just want to make sure I understand correctly, is your main grievance here that you just dont want to receive PL changes for those commutes, or that your commutes are being associated with your TR workouts automatically/incorrectly?

First thing that comes to mind is: if you can do a 4 hr ride, after a SS ride, is it then still a SS ride? When I do a SS ride, I can’t go for a 4hr ride. From a training standpoint. But I old anyway…

Correct. The workout gets automatically associated with my commute. I then get credit for it. After I disassociate the workout with the commute I still get credit on plan levels, even though it was never done. I would think that you shouldn’t get credit for a workout until you rate it, but I don’t know how that works behind the scenes so I just work around it.

Ah sure, we’ll auto associate the first ride file imported, so in this case, your commute. The Progression Level credit should be reverted after you unassociate the commute from the workout (until you re-associate the actual workout file to the workout), BUT, Progression Level reverting when you unmatch the rides may not be instantaneous. It can take a bit before the update is reflected on your Progression Levels.

I’ll check in with the team about working on a better auto-association system that prevents that, though. Sorry for the trouble.