What's going on here, then?

Finished a workout and took a look at the “All Rides” tab to see how other people fared on it and came across this:

Calendar [scroll up…]

ie. multiple workouts per day; constant massive FTP adjustments, nothing scheduled ahead.

First, obvious, thought was that multiple punters were sharing the same TR account, but not 100% sure about that.

Maybe a test account?

Any other suggestions?

Just intrigued.

Must be. Or somebody with a lot of time on their hands. 2000 TSS in a day? :open_mouth:

There seems to be a cycling studio with a matching “thelabplaya” name.
If users are tracking their data on personal devices, they might not be indifferent about what software is controlling their trainer.
Their photos, or at least the ones I saw, didn’t seem to show TR being used as software, but maybe it’s on a machine not pictured.

Their FB page banner video shows Traineroad being used at one point…