What workout did you do today? (2023)

I actually finished work in time to catch the earlier train just. It was getting announced to leave when I got down to the platform just in time for me to jump in with the bike. Net result is I could have done the originally scheduled 1h VO2 max but the other week I changed the default for all my Tuesday workouts to 45mins so I could either do it by RPE on the commute or have enough time to jump on the trainer. That gave me Sleeping Beauty -4. The gear cable snapped on my TT bike last week, after I moved to the new place and I haven’t got round to digging tools out or sourcing a new cable yet so I used the Ti road bike again. I think the combination of better cooling (front door open), the road bike position made it seem pretty moderate. After rating it as so, AT wanted to increase my next VO2 Max work out to a PL of 4.4 (My PL is just 1.5). I was a bit dubious of that for the TT bike and when upstairs is occupied at which point I’ll probably do workouts with the front door closed, so I revisited the survey and changed it to hard and that gave me sensible progression.


One threshold tomorrow will be the last hard session before rest week which will then complete my first HV Polarised build block.

This is my first level 8 workout from yesterday I have completed. I’m looking forward to seeing what FTP bump AI suggests a week today.


Not sure what I done to my left elbow/shoulder/thigh :neutral_face: Its been fine all day. I sprinted on the commuter bike to car mechanics garage less than 3miles away at 4pm and going down a steep hill with a lot of parked cars I held my position holding a driver on my tail up for about 30m, its a 20mph residential zone and me going 22mph didn’t really hold them up. I was turning sharp left at the bottom so I signalled early and held the arm up straight. So I was a wee bit later on the brake a wee bit later than I would have liked but I never really thought anything of it. After collecting the car I lifted the bike in and out fine too. However, an hour and a half later lifting anything seems agony, like I’d pulled something baddly but I cant remember anything. So I shortened with Alternates tonight’s threshold workout to 45mins. Whilst I never got a fail survey it didn’t feel optimal at all and the left elbow seemed to affect my left thigh and shoulder and thus cadence :roll_eyes:


I did Shuksan, a threshold workout of 6 x 8minutes at just over FTP with 10 minute recovery valleys. I just needed two 5-10 second breathers on the last rep to get it done. So close to nailing it but I’ll take that as a win as I struggle with threshold efforts. I can keep SS for ages but there’s just something about threshold that ruins me.


Last effort before rest week with coincides with a week off work. Looking forward to seeing what AI suggests my FTP is on Wednesday.

@HLaB heal quickly and fully :+1:


Yes, it was a bit of a cop out I will admit :wink: Although I did upload the TR file to Strava and not the Zwift one, so didn’t claim any elevation kudos :innocent:

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3x30 sweet spots
PL 10.6

Completed, but looks like there is a bug perhaps in the TSS as it says “153/113”? Weird.

And are personal PL’s capped at 10? Waco is a 10.7 (was a “stretch” workout for me) but my SS PL only went to 10 (not 10.7 after ranking the workout as “moderate”. I backpedaled twice for like 5 seconds each on the last set…maybe that messed with things?


Did Hole In The Wall, a VO2 workout. High cadence definitely makes these types of effort more bearable. Increased the end part as it was a bit easy in comparison to the rest of it.


Back to the winter grind. Just started my MV(enduro) off season plan today, after having always done LV. I did not get to as many races as I wanted to this year, only 2, but I did accomplish a goal I’ve had for a few years which was to podium in my age/category. Felt pretty good to get 4th against some good competition. Didnt do so hot in my 2nd race which I think came down to fatigue, and then life got in the way leading to missing the last 3 races on my calendar.

Sweet spot this morning:


Ive shortened all my workouts to 45mins to fit my work pattern (allowing time to set up, wind down and get a decent kip). Lol, my line manager said the office would be empty tomorrow and I’d be better to work from home so I could have done a longer workout. I think I prefer shorter workouts anyway. Tonight that was Prater-4 I didn’t have the best of cadence tonight though, still not pulling hard on my left arm.


Catching up on a bunch of workouts.

2 sets of 4x 1 strength

2 x (4 x 1 @ 130%)

Reversed steigerungs

4 x (1 @ 115%, 3 @ 100%, 4 @ 90%). Did one more set with the 4-minute segment at 100%.

1 serie sweet spot with bursts

3 x (0:20 @ 180%, 8 @ 85%). Did another 30 min at 85%. Unbeknownst to me, based on doing an extra set of intervals on Wednesday, JOIN changed today’s workout to 5x 1 all out but I didn’t catch the change. Oh well.


3 sets 40-20s

With 40 min of Z2 in between each set, at least 20 min of each high in the zone. Solid workout but felt good throughout. Made sure to stay on top of my carb intake, which I know helped.


New FTP “bump” (it was the same :joy:). Anyway, going into a build block. I need to readjust my calendar for the fat bike season, but can’t do that until the exact race dates are announced.

Speaking of which, the fat bike came with literally unbranded brakes and they are abysmal. I’m swapping them out with my decade-old SLX brakes. The right lever guide/bushing got mangled on an OTB a few years ago. I managed to find another RH lever on ebay that was “parts only” last week, which worked out great!

Mangled piece above. Technically, the lever was usable but lots of up/down play.


My first Vo2 workout post ftp bump. I buried myself to complete this and underlines the fact I need to learn to toughen up mentally.

Sleep and quality calories next.


A bit of a long day for me, as I went a bit harder than I would have liked on the commute before tonight’s VO2 Max session, Gendarme -2. I started well enough with cadences of 100-135rpm. I never lowered the resistance in the recoveries though and just pedalled slower and after the long slow recovery between sets, I just couldn’t get going again. PS I don’t think my HR monitor was working right, nearly 10mins of anaerobic power and no zone 5 HR :joy:

After 45mins of pain I reckoned I deserved this :yum:


Lets hurry up with outside workout integration already…


I can confirm AI has the intensity spot on. This hurt. I was thinking of quitting several times until the realisation I would have the rest of the week to be ponder my weaknesses and poor attitude and that would have hurt a lot more.


5 min strength + sprints

4 x 5 min low cadence work at high sweet spot, followed by 45 min of endurance and then 5 x 10 sec sprints.

Calories burned, now time to “replenish.” Happy Thanksgiving! :maple_leaf::turkey:


Bear Creek -4 was up in my time adjusted Masters Plan (I’ve set everything to 45mins just now). I got set up early though so maybe I could have done a longer session :thinking: I do like 45min sessions though and going a wee bit harder in them. I didn’t quite go hard enough in tonight’s session perhaps because the batteries for my fan remote failed. I noticed at the end of the 1st block so I carried onto the recovery. In the recovery I jumped off and turned the fan up manually. After that it was relatively comfortable enough.

My favourite metric.
Unfortunately I’ve only food in the fridge :-1:



3:15 Z2 ride, +1.7 endurance PL, and Garmin tells me the ride was “unproductive.” :man_shrugging: