What workout did you do today? (2018/2019)

This! :sweat_smile:

Just finished Fang Mountain +1. First interval went better than I thought, hard but not bad. Got progressively more difficult each interval, especially the last two. Seemed like I could’ve gone a little bit harder, but not much at all.


I took Baird outdoors today! I wanted to practice hitting corners at the crit loop near my house, since I haven’t been feeling as confident when cornering. A VO2 workout is perfect for hitting the corners at high speed :muscle:


Ramp test. Disappointingly dropped from 274 to 264. Hoping its just part of the process. I start SSB1 LV on Tuesday next week so hopefully I can pick it up again over the next base and build blocks.

Fatigue in the legs ramped up quicker than normal in the test. Every ramp test so far I’ve been able to get to the ramps over 120% of FTP but not today.


MTB outside ride yesterday. Evening some beers, as Chad do. Slept well. But today I´m totally smashed :slight_smile: 77kg / 39 y.o.


My tweaked version of Thunder. Used as a primer for tomorrow’s race.


Is definitely a great read good luck😉

Palisades for me… Hit Alpe Du Zwift, find having a climb in front of me helps with these efforts. Lots of leap frog as you head up with other riders! Started to get hard on penultimate set, last set very tough, Was crossing off the seconds, setting mini targets, hoping to complete before legs failed…whoop whoop I did…, again a workout perfectly matched for my mental and physical ability.
Easier one next…45 minute Birch :slight_smile:


Jepson. I was really surprised by how much harder the 5 sec sprints made 4X8 threshold efforts. My HR stayed consistently higher than the Vo2 max sets I’ve done recently…

Enjoyed Haku this morning. Erg wasn’t cutting it in the first interval so I switched over to 75% resistance and smashed out the rest. New 20sec power record for me!


It’s endurance Friday! Today was Collins for Sustained Power Build HV. Felt good and am getting settled into my new power (HR zones seemed to align with power, much different than my endurance ride Wed for whatever reason)

Fang Mountain +3 tomorrow, more pain on tap! At least these are the “friendlier” over-unders with the gradual overs lol


Pierce today, first workout with my fresh new FTP after finishing SSB2.

First 4 intervals went great, crushed them. Last two were…difficult. Felt like legs were on the verge of quitting after I got past the 1hr mark, but got through the workout without dropping intensity or skipping intervals. Snuck a backpedal in once, and power faltered a bit on the last set.



Bit of a challenge this morning. I was wondering if I could do the slow ramp to 90s @ 125% in bashful +2… Only made it through the first set. 2nd made it through most and had to hold on for dear life for the third. Ignoring power and going by feel only worked for the first 3ish of the intervals in the last set, after that I had a really hard time for it to be quality… So whoever was mentioning that after a 5% drop just call it a day is probably right. Wondering if I failed myself with improper fueling after my run on Thursday. Will try to remember this for the 2nd half of my build, eat some more carbs after a hard run.

Zone 2 work tomorrow and Sunday and then an easy week. Hopefully will soak up the work from the last 3 weeks… all this short power stuff is hard!


Antelope today. And then a swim but the pool was 30.2C so I called it after 950m.



Nailed it.

I spent the last three minutes of the final interval counting right foot pedal strokes and man, did that ever help the time go and cadence was rock solid. Whoever suggested that, spot on! :+1:


Last few minutes were bonkers. Really wanted to take up Chad’s offer of a backspin


I signed up for a triathlon. I’ve lost my way.


Over unders are a nuisance. I feel they offer a bigger chance of mental strength since the body has so much to deal with. Keep it up as your body will adapt! :slight_smile:

Just finished Palisade this morning in my SSBMV plan. I feel great today, should I add 45 min of sweet spot training tonight?

Mount Goode - 3x15 thresholds

Uncomfortably fun. Last time I did this (May 2018) I was 4.5kg heaver and 45W down on estimated threshold power! Felt the same back then.