What type of sunglasses are you guys wearing?

Not sure if “plastic sweat-gutter thing” technology has improved, but it did not work for me 10 years or so ago. :slight_smile:

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Pro tip: Buy a couple of extra sets of replacement pads when you buy your helmet. They’re likely to be unavailable by the time you need them.

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Yup…thanks for mentioning that. I do that, too!

Got a new lid for Xmas and need to get spare pads for that one now, too.

Oh, and heads up for anyone who rides in an Oakley lid…they do not have replacement pads. I’ve gone round and round with them…they just don’t have them.

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I have a few lululemon vent tech headbands and they are the bomb.

I know some helmets like the newer Bontragers actually have a rubber piece built into the front pad to work like the vtec headbands.

Speaking of shades I got both the Matador and the Sutro and kept the Sutro. Lens was more clear, stying more bold, and the build quality felt more sturdy. All my opinions however and I’d probably have been happy with the Matador if my pair didn’t have a bunch of issues that pushed me to order and try the Sutro in the first place

Cheap “Rockbro” brand transitional lens glasses. One of the very few things I buy from Amazon (I avoid that site). I haven’t found any other glasses, cheap or expensive, that I like better yet. Though I am not exactly a connoisseur of shades. But I can’t do anything without glasses protecting my eyes.

Oakley’s with RX transitions lenses. Have been using these for years (was doing spy for a while) I like them, the only thing is the transitions get drk and you don’t notice it and people think you are wearing sunnys inside and or a lurker-pervert

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Tri-eye with the integrated mirror (https://trieye.com/). Definitely not the most fashionable but combined with the Garmin Varia radar its a great combo.

I got a pair of them in February when I thought I needed clear lenses for a 6.30pm ride. They seemed nice for the money and didn’t steam up. They did seem a bit glary though, but it might have just been that it was lighter/brighter than I was expecting and any clearer lens would have struggled.

Flight Jackets, fit and work great but feeling like something a bit more normal-looking like some Sutro’s

Have had a few rides with prizm road, really liking it in sunny and shaded environments alike. Also noticed with the real oakleys even if I get sweat inside the lens and wipe with my jersey, I can still see through fine even with some smudges on the lens. The Foakleys I had were so poor if I did the same thing I wouldn’t see at all, probably a lack of coatings even though the inside and outside of the lens aren’t coated the same

Roka wise, would not buy again. The customer service has been slow and the review I tried to post 3x hasn’t been posted. Not sure if they are purposely blocking negative press but I am not a fan of any part of my interaction with them. I did like the style and comfort of their shades but not enough to overlook the problems and am kind of glad they didn’t work out because I can’t imagine dealing with them for service later

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Maui Jim, they are custom ground prescription to provide clear vision even in the periphery.

I most often reach for my 100% and other times Oakley (sutro). Smith and Alba get little to no wear.