What type of sunglasses are you guys wearing?

Had my first ride in them on Friday, 5 hours enduro MTB ride. They were comfortable to the point that you forget you’re wearing them, didn’t budge even on super gnarly, chundery trails and the low-light lens that I opted for (the one that comes “free” with every pair) was absolutely brilliant in both low light in dense woods, to the transition in and out of said woods and even good in the sun which we finished the ride to. :ok_hand:t3:

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I hope you got the lenses sorted…I still think the Matadors are superb.

Rode this AM when it was still dark so used my Oakley Jawbreakers w/ photochromatic lenses. The difference was noticeable in both weight and field of vision.

I ended up returning them, the nose piece also fits poorly and I’m just not impressed with the quality unfortunately, though I may have gotten a dud but having only tried them on at home and ended up with a mark on the lens put me off. I used water and their cloth bag to try and wipe it off which led to swirling around the spot.

Got some Sutros coming today, just not sure if they will fit me and my helmets with their long arms. I know Oakleys are like toyota corollas but I feel like I trust them more for quality.

I was also really put off by Roka’s pricing raising the price from $195 to $225 right when their most recent Strava coupons started coming out. I got in before the price bump but comes off as terrible business practice to me

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Used my sutros this past weekend. Not something I will wear again on a gravel ride, sweat caused my vision to be blurry and they spend majority of the day on the back of my head. If this was a gravel race it would have been frustrating since rocks would have been thrown in my face all day.

So far my jawbones and aero helmet dont mix, and my sutros dont work. Ill try radars next gravel ride and see if that works better.

I’ve only tried a few pairs of cycling glasses in my life but ALWAYS had sweat drip on the inside of the lens causing blurring. It’s the reason I have ridden the last 2 years without shades, they seemingly have to sit so far off my face to avoid this that they would not fit properly at all.

Maybe I’m just destined to lose an eye. FWIW the Matador sat close enough to my face with nose pieces 0,1,2 that my eyelashes/brows were in constant contact with the inside of the lens, 3 was the only one that semi worked

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Maybe a head band?
I seen ads for a plastic thing to keep the sweat from dripping to the glasses…

then google lead me to Halo II - pullover headband

Ive seen some people lately wearing bike caps under their helmets…



Oakley EVZero Path. Comfortable, don’t fog, can wear them also when going for runs.

I wear the halo thing on the trainer and it doesn’t stop sweat from pouring down my face, feels like it would act as a sponge and just collect more sweat to dump on me outdoors.

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I’m still waiting for my Konas…
Prescription glasses take 5-10 business days to be put together (during covid) and then will get shipped to the border crossing warehouse/co and THEN will get driven here.

Still cheaper to get free shipping + $15 in broker, than $140 in shipping and duties directly from the company. Yes, $140 dollhairs

Good to know…

although… I feel I sweat more from the trainer than outdoor rides…

When out door you have the wind “drying” you or at least pushing the sweat away…
On the trainer you get nothing…unless you put a massive fan on your face… which is probably the right thing to do anyways.

this is the thing (or similar) i keep seeing in adds…


All those systems / products are just “delay tactics”, IMO…at some point, they fill with sweat and the dripping starts.

I’ve pretty much just accepted using the sweatpads in helmets and pushing the helmet against my forehead to wring the sweat out. Also helps to wash the sweatpads regularly.


I feel the same way, when I get a break push the helmet on my head and watch the water run out


Yea no ideal solution there. Unfortunately wearing glasses and doing the helmet against head move just fills the inside of the lens with sweat like some kind of nasty Petri dish

This reminds me of the frustration I had buying shades before and why I gave up. Wearing glasses resulted in constant frustration and having to stop and wipe the inside of the lenses, which didn’t do anything wiping them with my sweaty jersey. They spent most of the time in my pocket and on very hot days it took all of my willpower to avoid smashing them against the pavement. This was with fake Jawbreakers which fit similarly enough to real ones where I don’t think the real ones would be any better, nor would the flight jacket, or the Radar, or the Zero, or anything that sits close to my face.

And again, while in a riding position I feel like sweat it always going to drip on any lens because of the angle of my head and the way the lenses wrap around your face, I can’t help but feel I’ll have the same issues with anything I use so it’s a matter of do I want to squint and risk damaging my eye or do I want to constantly be annoyed on the bike with dirty glasses. I don’t know which I’d rather have

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Glasses work great, till they don’t. I have never found a pair that don’t end up on the back of my helmet. But I keep trying


Easier to keep trying with cheap pairs and not $150-250 ones

Once it warms up around here, I always carry a cleaning cloth with me (usually in a plastic bag w/ a mask). When I get to a stoplight, I’ll quickly break it out and do a quick clean.

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Tried the Sutro on. They fit me and look sweet but the arms are a mile long and no rubber grip. This means they interfere with the rear BOA/straps on my helmet and also slide forward super easy. Genuinely worried they’d fly off my face if I turned my head to check traffic

Do you have an Oakley store nearby?

You live near a big city, you might have one.
Point is, maybe go to store, bike helmet on hand to try few models and see which one fits better…

I probably have one but despise going anywhere with all the nonsense going on.

Tried on the Matador again, they fit soooo good might do an exchange and try again