What tools do you use to train?

Initially, as an exercise for myself to track expenses in light of upcoming subscription price increases for various services, I started to put together a list of the tools that I use to train for the domains that interest me the most:

Metrics/Training Load/Activities

  • Intervals.icu
  • Garmin Connect (I pay less attention to BodyBattery/Stress and go by feel)

Diet/Macros/Health Tracking Metrics

  • Cronometer app
  • Apple Health
  • Withings Body+
  • SmartscaleSync service (walled garden fixer)

Espresso (ESSENTIAL)

  • Niche Zero grinder
  • Rancilio Silvia Pro X


  • Trainer Road
  • Kickr
  • Road Bike (Giant Contend)
  • Gravel Bike (Cannondale Topstone)
  • Karoo 2
  • Wahoo Roam
  • Various sensors/power meters/etc.


  • Training Peaks (Purchased Training / Coaching)
  • FinalSurge (Purchased Training)
  • Intervals.icu (My own created workouts)
  • Garmin Fenix 7x
  • HRM Pro Plus, and multiple Polar H10.
  • Stryd (sometimes use but find I can work with Garmin’s running power - running power is not really standard)
  • Apple Watch Ultra (When I don’t want to run with a phone…/Audiobooks)


  • Komoot
  • Garmin Fenix 7x

Strength Training / HIIT

  • Home Gym
    • Rogue Fitness Monster racks / various components/gear
  • Linchpin Crossfit (online via btwb app ) Really good!
  • Garmin Fenix 7x
  • HRM Pro Plus, and multiple Polar H10.


  • Down Dog App
  • Garmin Fenix 7x


  • Garmin Fenix 7x
  • Apple Watch Ultra (really just playing around with as new updates land)

Some thoughts. I am a supporter of Intervals.icu and really enjoy it. Garmin Connect and Espresso are essential. Trainer Road is my primary tool for Cycling. I’ve never gotten into Strava and basically only use it to see what folks are up to. But I really don’t curate what I post there and certainly don’t care to use it.

Other tools and services that I use include Komoot which is not so great in the US, but I like a lot of things that they do with the platform. I belong to Linchpin Crossfit - an online Gym that you can access via Beyond The Whiteboard (btwb) app. I’ve found that Down Dog app really hits the spot in terms of quick way to generate Yoga sessions with a variety of focuses. And if you subscribe from their website, really cheap.

I’ve used TP and FS for purchased plans and coaching. But I don’t subscribe to those services. Nor do I use them to track activities or load/strain/etc.

I’ve an AWU and many other devices and gadgets (Polar, Suunto). For those I’m always experimenting with the latest sofware update, trying out new features. I’ve also a lot of older Garmin devices that I keep for nostalgia. I used to work there about 12 years ago. I tell my wife that it’s far cheaper hobby than say if I collected sports cars… :slight_smile: Bikes are another story.

Anyway, this was a useful exercise for myself. Hope it is of interest.


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Good lord dude you have A LOT of toys! :face_exhaling:

Foe metrics I use Training Peaks occasionally, but I just log everything through my Garmin 1030 head unit. In terms of diet, I pretty much just try to eat as much as I can on the bike and throughout the day. I don’t track calories but I train 18-22 hrs/wk and average 5,000-6,000 calories per day. Coffee is supplied by a Nespresso Vertuo (not optimal but I’m saving up for a La Marzocco). For cycling I ride my Factor ONE (rim brake gang) either outside or on my Elite Nero rollers. I have Garmin Rally RS200 pedals and a Garmin 1030 plus head unit. I don’t implement running during heavy training periods, but when I do I track it with a Coros Pace 2 and view metrics in FinalSurge. I don’t swim, strength train, or do yoga regularly, but I do hike and walk a lot (especially during indoor training season) although I don’t track those activities at all.

Nice idea for a thread even if some already exist. It’s always interesting to see what other people use!

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It usually a Class 387 Electrostar for me.

Oh its not that sort of train.

I usually train specifically on the TT bike with Trainer Road and perhaps YouTube/GCN/RGT for entertainment. Occasionally I’ll train outdoors too when its light enough and if its not perfect weather the TT bike is substituted for my road bike (and of course YouTube/GCN/RGT is left at home).

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dude you are a marketer’s dream !

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OP, I’m a little disappointed you don’t have a long list of RECOVERY gadgets and supplements.