What to do in FREEtime

Hello everyone,

I’m a triathlete and I work fulltime. I have no kids, a “as good as” finished house. So sometimes I have nothing to do. Like in the evenings, or just after a workout. And then I am bored AF.
This is not a small issue, I really have mental trouble with it.
So I would like to know what you guys do to relax, to chill…
I used to play PC-games or play poker but most of the time I am mentally to tired for these things. And they are to addictive tbh, it gives to much stress. So it is not that much relaxing.
I like to see a movie but the problem is that I have watched a lot, but a lot of movies already. And there are not that much good movies coming out every day tbh.
Series (on netflix) is not something for me tbh. I tried it a few times but if it is a good series, they make it to long, the ending mostly sucks, they just make more seasons to make more money…

I’ve been thinking of reading books, maybe u guys give some tips. Not like basic books, or to difficult books. Sport related, science, or maybe something completely different???

I’ve also been thinking of doing a puzzle or something, maybe that will help.

Any tip welcome!



I read, chat with friends, research cycling stuff (and try not to buy too much of it), and play guitar.


get druuuuunk!


Enjoy and embrace that feeling of being bored…eventually circumstances might change and you will miss it.

I don’t get 10minutes to myself.


I watch YouTube. Have some Vlog type people i follow and some other, more large scale channels. Mostly cycling and food which gives me both entertainment and inspiration. I also probably spend more than the average amount of time on cooking.

Other things to do is learning a new language or taking online courses through edX or the like.


Get yourself a couple of old classic real life adventure books, maybe something like Shackleton South or Northern Lights (The Official Account of the British Arctic Air-Route Expedition 1930-1931). Might spark something to do with all that time.

I’ve just finished acquiring 20 volumes of the Time life Classic of Exploration series. Going to take several years to read them all, just wish I had more time!


Do you have friends?

Forget about training, go out get drunk, find yourself a girl friend, enjoy life.

There are a lot out there than training.


Yes I have a girlfriend. And I do have friends… :slight_smile: Thx for the concern.

In the week I can’t go out tbh, in the weekends I go out often. But I don’t like to get drunk anymore. I am 34, and I can’t train properly for 3 to 4 days when I had to much of booze.

But I do gonna get myself some books, and I do gonna buy me this week a MTB, so I can ride in winter also outside with friends.

Also I will go hiking in the (small) mountains of Belgium a bit more. Me and my girl like that. Go eat out a bit more 2. And go to the movies. Need to go see the Joker ASAP :slight_smile:

My moto of life is a bit YOLO. Cause I lost my mom 1.5 years ago. Gotta live the moment.


I’m hoping the ‘get drunk’ comments are tongue in cheek because that is absolutely terrible advice.

Reading is a good idea. Learn to do something new, maybe something artistic, draw, paint, craft - make things.
Learn to play an instrument.

Take a course, educate yourself, could be connected to your interests or maybe something random and nothing to do with your background (might be better.)

When I was a teenager I lived in the middle of nowhere (there were 4 TV channels) and went through a period of feeling similar. I went on long walks, learnt to play Guitar, taught myself about electronics and made things. I also read a lot.


I am really sorry to hear that. I lost my mother too. In an earthquake but life is going on. You need to pass these days because you have a long life in front of you.

As I said, maybe this is even better time to spend more time with others rather than your bike.

Hiking is fantastic. I love it.

Good luck… just enjoy it


Getting drunk once a while will not effect too much.

I am of course not advising to go out every night and drink like an animal :slight_smile:

But we all need relief sometime, right? :slight_smile:


Look for places to volunteer?


Honestly you’re in a lucky spot a lot of us wish we had. If I get free time I like to watch youtube videos (Seth’s Bike Hacks, Vegan Cyclist, NorCal Cycling, etc.) I also enjoy throwing on a Joe Rogan Experience and zoning out.


In all seriousness, the more I abstain from alcohol, the more I come to respect its use as a social lubricant.

If I was able to control myself and just drink one bottle of wine with dinner, I wouldn’t have to mess about with taking 6 weeks off the drink!

Being from northern Europe, like me (for now), we are getting the long nights rolling in. A lot of people probably feel this boredom at this time of year. Schedule in evening meals with friends otherwise you’ll end up like me: going to bed at 9pm every night because I’m sick of Netflix!

I know you don’t have any energy left but, if you ever do, try crossfit. It’s a bit of fun!


Book ideas, categorized:

Easy reading novels:
-Any of the Jack Reacher series. All quite entertaining, and easy page turners.
-Michael Crichton books, if you like sci fi. Jurrassic Park, Sphere, etc.
-Mysteries: Any of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes, of course. Ian Rankin, Elizabeth George
-A newish author I like - John Scalzi. Sci fi, sort of absurdist in a way. He’s got one about a smelly, bloblike slimy alien that comes to hollywood and hires an agent, called ‘Agent to the Stars’

NOT easy reading novels:
The Three Body Problem series by Cixin (sp?) Liu. Its a three book series about a species living in a three star solar system looking for a new home world (earth). Very in depth, very technical, and spans vast amounts of time.These would probably take you through the winter…

Non Fiction
-Nine Pints. It’s a book all about blood. Much more interesting than it sounds.
-The Sixth Extinction. A review of global extinction events, and human roles in the most recent one
-Kingdom of Fear. Hunter S Thompsons memoir


Start with the book “The Rider” as it is a quick and easy ride on a subject that you will already be interested in. I mostly read bike related books for training or insight, and the book Endure by Alex Hutchinson was a great read for the latter. Once I get going down the rabbit trail of what the human body is capable of, I find even the dry subject matter to be super interesting.


You should spend time cleaning your bike.


Unofficial recommended book/reading list: Recommended Books / Reading Thread

If the idea of cycling in another country would ever appeal to you, you could start trying to learn a new language.


I’ve become a huge fan cooking meals and trying new recipes with all the extra free time winter seems to bring. Knock out a new podcast (of any kind) while cooking and the time flies.


Wait, what?!