What’s your preferred cadence for SS and why?

I’ve been playing around with my cadence for SS specifically. Normally it’s always between 95-100 but have been trying 85-90 and 90-95 out of curiosity (used outside rides and galena +3 to measure).

I know that a lower cadence = more muscle focused and higher cadence = more cardiovascular focused. I’m just curious to hear which cadence you prefer and why?

  • Lower than 85 rpm
  • 85-90 rpm
  • 90-95 rpm
  • 95-100 rpm
  • 100+ rpm
  • I switch it up

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97 rpm is about my self-selected cadence. When nothing else matters and I aimlessly ride in ERG, then check cadence, that’s where I am +/-2 rpm.

If I am training for particular reasons, events, races and such, I will choose higher or lower cadence to suit those. I also like to mix in low cadence work as a rule, for “hill work”. Those range from 60-80 rpm depending on the goal in mind.

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85-90 because it’s what my brain says works for me. I enjoy forcing myself to maintain higher cadences because as an offroad rider I have always defaulted to 80-90 rpm. For longer races this comes into play for me, being able to spin faster v. harder, but for my primary races ie shorter, less than 2 hours, I just like pushing a slightly taller gear. I think it’s better for off road surfaces.

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I’m polarized:

  • 90+: targeting more aerobic
  • <85: targeting muscle endurance


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90-95 because that’s my natural cadence.

About 100-102 rpm for SS - always seems naturally higher on the turbo - about 95-100 on the road

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I selected 85-90. I really was mashing in the 75-80 range until I started SSBLV1 and Coach Chad started all of the 85-95 talk. I am only 8 or 9 weeks with TR now and I feel comfortable up to 95 while doing SS. Cadence has not been the main focus of training but just today I was working on a few VO2 intervals at 115 just to try it out and see if I can keep it together.


95-100 for me. I usually land around 97-98 naturally for sustained efforts. Although for VO2 or hard efforts I’ll be nearer 105.

natural cadence for sweet spot power is low 80s, unless I’m climbing and then its 60s and 70s.

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My natural cadence is 83-87. I find that my RPE is lower at lower cadences. If i’m struggling to complete an interval, whether it is SS, O/U, or Threshold, i can make it by lowering my cadence to 60-70 and smashing through it. On the other hand, i burn out quickly at 95+.

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Your poor knees :rofl:

My knees? Nah, biggest climbing day was 15,000 feet and 8 hours of climbing at 60-65rpm and was spry and chipper the next day :+1:


I’m with you on those metrics, although to target the muscles, I’ll be around 85-86 rpm.

~105-110. Last 20 minute FTP test was at 115 or so. It loosely scales with power for me. It’s not uncommon to go through something like galena without shifting. Outdoors is a bit lower, although I don’t track it closely outside.

Edit: As to why - partly it’s just what I’m used to and find comfortable. It used to be more in the 80-90 range. Also it feels like it’s easier to accelerate. And on the track I don’t really get a choice anyhow.

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I hardly ever get above 80rpm

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103 seems to be my self selected cadence on my roadie (170mm cranks). My TT bike I’m 95 or so (175mm).

I’ve done a 5 hr .77IF century at a pedaling avg of 104 and 30 min crits with 1.0+ IFs at 103 and my last longish outdoor ride was .85 IF at 99rpm so I don’t worry about it being too high. Seems to just be what I do…



Endurance today 100-110 felt normal

90-95 is my natural cadence in the big chain ring, and 85-90 in the small. I find SS easier in the BCR with cadence between 95-100, but try to avoid that as I feel it doesn’t help muscle endurance as much

When I first started out, I would always TT at 88 rpm (22 pedal strokes in 15 seconds). I could never understand the veterans who pedaled even slower. Now I are one, and find myself grinding like they did.

I’m like a robot and never deviate beyond 30-150.