What predicts accute training failure?

So two weeks into my new FTP 2020… all trainings feel a breeze, recovery well. Rode outside doing thresholds and very long zone 2 ride (4 hours).

Today Fang Mountain + 1… boom. legs blew up already in second block of intervals. Third block in… decided too much for today, couldn’t mentally push through.

Where do these sudden “drops” or “bad days” come from?

fueling? lack of sleep? maybe your mental game is a little off because recent training has been easy so you weren’t prepared to be pushed hard? Could be training stress. Build is much different than Base and 2 weeks into build could be where you are seeing the increased demand of build. Over/under workouts can be tough. At .86 Fang Mountain is no pushover.

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Thanks. Yeah could be. Difficult to get/keep your mental game up when you’re in your flow I guess.

Increased demand of build could very well be. I’ve noticed earlier in base that the last weeks feel more heavy than the beginning – I guess a sign of cumulative training load.

What’s your stress balance?

What does that mean?

You mean this then?

Ps. the two deep drops into red are two zone 2 endurance rides, respectively 90km and 102km (last Sunday).

Yeah, something like that. So, -22 before today’s workout? That may be why you went “boom”.

how did you get that?

Wait why? You will always have negative form basically when in a training block, because you will never fulle “recover” (reduce fatigue) below fitness line in time. You NEED some fatigue / negative form to grow, right?

intervals.icu lets you input your trainings, and then you get these nice figures and stats!

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Right, but you went pretty negative, and it seems to be a new/recent thing for you. So, I’d take that as a sign that what you have been doing is too much for you to handle on a regular basis.

Can you explain how this works?

So ok, before that workout, everything was going smoothly. Let’s assume I went too far last Saturday (2h30 Threshold intervals outside) and Sunday (4h zone 2 endurance). Tuesday I did burst intervals. Day after that training heavy legs upto and including today. Today did threshold, was just too heavy, but not by much. But my legs immediately felt heavy at start, so not fresh enough I guess.

How long do you keep this “leftover fatigue” in your body?