What plan should I choose for 160k /4 hour

My goal for next year will be cycling 160k in 4 hours. No running and no swimming I do only cycling. Is the full distance plan the best ? If I use the planner the specialty is a 40k TT plan. I think that is not the best one.

Any ideas?

In the end you’re going to ride a long while at a high % of FTP. TT plan is what I would have suggested too, or century. On the way some SSB and Sustained Power Build mix.


The century plan looks a good one. I presume the century is in miles ?

I would guess. Sustained power is what you’re looking for. So any plan that has it focus on long intervals near ftp would be good.

40kph an hour avarage is a pretty big goal. Good luck with that.

doesnt matter as its just intervals - point is its for loooong rides and not really racing eg no focus on anaeribic ‘race winning’ stuff

Start w sweet spot, then do more sweet spot. If you have time for long weekend rides, do some 4+ hour rides at high endurance/low tempo.