What Other Sports Are You All Into?


I tried climbing but about six weeks into a course I remembered my (only) fear…a fear of heights :sweat_smile:

Gave up fast cars last year but Id like to sail and fly

I did land a plane once, my only flying lesson - thought it would help my fear of heights. It didnt.

If you like chess it’s pretty decent, and if you don’t it’s a good series generally. IMO.

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Disc Golf

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Dad was a P.E. teacher and two brothers so any sport growing up with football, basketball and track main high school ones. College track doing the decathlon.

Only been road biking for less than 5 years now and really started upping the time in saddle last 18 months. Love downhill skiing though and lived in Colorado for 6 years and miss it along with hiking/trail running which I am starting to do more of here in GA.



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It is indeed quite amazing, and interesting how it progressed. It’s also interesting how it came about as well.

FWIW, I wasn’t serious about pole dancing as I’m the most uncoordinated person you’ll ever see. I just found it far out.

My nephew wanted to go see the Raiders for his sixteenth birthday. The Oakland Coliseum is about 2 hours away with game traffic, so my brother-in-law rented a nice “van” big enough for 16 (4 families). The type you would rent to go wine tasting with a group. In addition to disco lights and awesome stereo, it had plenty of storage for adult beverages and a pole. Everyone pole danced, and some real #wallOfShame stuff happened. Sorry I can’t post pics :joy: Good times.


Can I unread that?


No, and I’m going to try and find at least one good pic to share :joy: The birthday boy did some incredibly athletic moves, but he also does mind blowingly high box jumps. :man_dancing::dancer:

edit: action shot of nephew mid-air doing front flip on the pole:

video is awesome!

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I can just see the entrance into the hospital ER. “See, we were going to this football game…[loads of embarrassing details]… and I think I dislocated my shoulder”.


LOL a long time ago, during a basketball playoff game, his mom was doing cartwheels during halftime and blew out her knee, requiring surgery :joy:

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I play rugby for my local team, have moved from center to wing since I got into cycling as lost some size/muscle but gained some speed.


Rock climbing has been the most consistent alternate sport. Also XC/skate skiing when I live or visit somewhere that it’s possible.

Other stuff - backpacking, running, swimming, been getting into lifting as well as yoga (again) lately.

Vague quarantine goal of learning how to do a handstand pushup(s).


For me it’s hiking and climbing.

I somehow regret that I had to leave our ping pong club due to quarantine (like logella already said, tt just seems to be easy, still you have to learn and adapt if you want to success, and yeah, that’s pretty challenging as good reaction time required!), but then I just switched then to playing at home just to keep my skills sharp. Kinda boring when your only competitors are your family members, but still better than nothing!
I also took some online lessons (from Pingpongacademy) in addition to my “practice”. Helps me a lot.

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Not much. Being any good at cycling requires a lot of time, leaving little time for many sports i used to do.

When i can, skiing though.

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Running - was much better at that than I am at cycling…plus reading - Fantasy or crime mainly. Plus an addiction to Playstation (mainly giant RPG’s) despite being 52…at least it maintains my level of coolness with the kids I teach! :laughing:

Football and Badminton.

Grew up playing football (soccer), played at a decent regional level.

Then gott into running to complement football, did a few races, the usual.

Then discovered how much fun heavy powerlifting is, got pretty strong (150kg ATG squat, 180kg deadlift, bench was woeful).

Then decided to start riding bikes. And here I am.

In terms of watching: almost anything. Huge cricket fan but absolutely terrible at playing. Football, Rugby, F1, Tennis, I could watch sport all day every day.

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