What sport would you do if you didn't cycle? and how did you get into cycling?

What sport would you do if you didn’t cycle? and how did you get into cycling?

Something without a ball. I’m not good with those things.

Was a powerlifter for a long time before getting into cycling. Kinda wish at times I could do both without completely adversely affecting the other! Oh well.

I have previously been a wheelchair racer (sprinter), but ended my career after season 2012. Might probably still do that, if I didn’t have a crappy back these days. So now into handcycling, started because of trying to still keep myself fit, but now the “semi-pro” training has taken over again. :grin:


Football or Soccer as our American brethren insist on calling it. I got into cycling to have a better chance of surviving the family heart attack.

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Beer drinking and obesity? :joy: No, but really, most of my friends are runners, so probably that. I dabble in running from time to time, but it doesn’t do it for me as much as the bike.

I got into it a bit of an odd way. I learned to repair bikes before I ever really got into riding them. A friend was a regular at this neighborhood community bike shop and invited me along. Volunteers learned to build bikes that were then given away to community members in need, and then taught them how to maintain it etc. I had plenty of free time and wanted to hang out with my friend, so started going 3-4 days a week to learn a skill and do some good. 6 months later, I had passed “the test” (building your own frankenbike from scratch and then riding it around the block) and was officially a volunteer coordinator and teacher. Loved the community around bikes (it was a very all-bikes, all-tribes welcome shop) and the simple beauty of the bike. Been seriously training/riding for about 3 years now, but used to just love cruising around the city on old beater bikes I’d built myself.


Distance runner if i did not Triathlon. I got into cycling by a desire to change from being the fat dad to the Fast dad! i was 250lbs now 5 time ironman and 185. i will never stop


Squash. I did it on a competitive level, but now it’s only cycling. On occasion I still like to squash.

The great thing about squash is the explosiveness. And that it will benefit my bone density. I think it can be a good addition to a cycling regime.

I think I’d go back to rowing.

Got into cycling because I wanted to do an ironman, got a knee injury which meant I couldn’t run so became a cyclist only for a while. Now back to triathlon but the cycling is my favourite part.

Not sure what I’d do aside from cycling. I used to play basketball fairly regularly, but am not a huge talent. :wink:
Riding my bike was a favorite pastime as a kid. After I got a driver’s license it fell away. I wasn’t really a cyclist, just a typical kid. At the age of 33 I found myself 45# heavier with heart rhythm issues and not exercising at all. My kids were starting to ride bikes and I wanted to be able to ride around town with them, so I went to the bike shop to buy a good bike so I’d never have to buy another one. I picked up a Kona entry level mtb and remembered why I enjoyed it so much as a kid. Four or five bikes later :-):grin: I’m now active in our local mtb club, race our state series, race cx, and race a couple marathon mtb races per year.
Cycling took me from 240# and out of shape to 193# and winning cat 2 races. It saved my health, but may have compromised my sanity. :-):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve only ever known cycling. I’ve tried most sports and nothing ever stuck. Loved the social aspect of team sports but the desire to push myself was lacking.

I used to ride/race BMX as a kid, then tried to do the fastest paper round, found I liked riding downhill quickly but I stopped bouncing and it started hurting. An old boss introduced me to road cycling by entering me into a charity century ride with only two months to train. Fair to say I haven’t looked back since.

Got a mountain bike for something to do when it was too wet to go rock climbing so I’d probably get back into that. I’d miss the racing a bit but there would still be lots of adventures to have.

I was a long time surfer, but moved away from the waves. Hopefully when I retire I can get myself a massive longboard, a camper van and go follow the endless summer

I played rugby union from the age of 11. Ended up representing my county at youth level and playing some half-decent amateur club rugby from university onwards. I haven’t played a match in a couple of years as I couldn’t continue to commit what was needed to be part of the team.

I’ve pretty much always cycled as a form of transport since being a little kid and have good memories of watching Le Tour with my dad in the summers. Started taking things a little more seriously in the past 18 months.

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My Doctor told me to stop running. Now I ride.

Rugby was my life for a long time. Played D1/Superleague in the US, and after retiring, started biking. I’m nowhere near as good a biker as I was a rugby player, but that doesnt stop me from giving it 100%:love_you_gesture:


Running again, however my knees have pretty much dictated that it will never happen, nor any other running sports.

I would probably get back into racing Karts. Can’t afford (time and money) to do both currently.
I have always been fascinated with rock climbing. I think that is more for the young and nimble; which I am no longer.
My intro to cycling was as a bike messenger. Best job I ever had. You could say I was a pro-cyclist :wink:

My life was windsurfing for many years. Then I got a real life, a wife, a family and not much spare time!

Trainerroad, short road rides and timetrialling fit into my life perfectly now!

I played amateur soccer and American football until the end of my 20s. Family and work/illness meant I couldn’t devote the time to practise and gym work to play for most of my 30s, and I only started club riding in my late 30s.
I find it somewhat ironic that I spent most of my 20s trying to gain weight (and failing miserably) and now I’d like to lose it! I always rode bikes, but never pinned a number on until last year at 40 (just 10 mile TTs)!
I suspect I have a higher ceiling as a cyclist than I did in the other sports, but on the other hand, at least this way around I actually got to play them - there’s no way I could do either properly now! If I had to do a sport, and I couldn’t cycle, then it would probably have to be cricket - I have too many knee issues for football/tennis and I detest golf! :slight_smile: